Celebrating 40 years of creative advertising: #33 Frankenmuth Insurance – Frank Conversation

Abigail McGrath 04/01/24 - 2:59 pm

What started in a small town with the idea of neighbor helping neighbor has grown into a nationally known and super-regional carrier today. For over 150 years, Frankenmuth Insurance has prioritized the value of personal relationships in insurance.

At a time where most insurance companies were trading real conversations for automated responses and going online, Frankenmuth Insurance upheld the value of connections: working one-on-one with an agent who knows you, your lifestyle, your needs. Building trust. Hopping on the phone or meeting up over a cup of coffee to talk coverage.

Through thorough interviews, focus groups, and market research, our team at Brogan & Partners knew what made Frankenmuth Insurance stand out and how we could help them leverage this differentiator into the future. That’s when the “Let’s have a frank conversation” campaign came to life.

Frankly Speaking

More than a video or tagline, “Let’s have a frank conversation” became something for Frankenmuth Insurance to live and work by. We extended the branding into an internal campaign for team members and agents called “Frankly Speaking.” Then, into multiple social media series that played off the messaging with comical Frankly Speaking lines, Frank Definitions, Frankly Fun Facts and more.

Over the years, our teams have continued to evolve and enhance the brand campaign based on research, business priorities and market trends. While personal relationships were always a guiding principle, this value has become increasingly important as policyholders are tempted to chase price amid premium increases and tightening household budgets.

The campaign’s success lies in its longevity, adaptability and memorability. It’s a true testament to the power of our longstanding partnership with the team at Frankenmuth Insurance.

Curious to learn more about this campaign or others over the last 40 years of Brogan & Partners? Frankly speaking, we’d love to talk.

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