Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #3 Sanders.

Laurie Hix 06/23/14 - 3:18 pm

Growing up in Michigan, I have fond memories of going to Sanders for lunch with my Grandma and sharing an egg salad sandwich and a hot fudge cream puff sundae. We’d sit at the counter while the ladies in hair nets made our food right in front of us. It was like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. But it was the 80’s.

To reignite and contemporize its image, Michigan-based Sanders hired Brogan Kabot as its ad agency for its restaurants and products. Our strategy was to focus on the warm, positive feelings Sanders evoked while adding humor to bring it in to the modern age. We created a pool of seven commercials, developed promotional and point-of-sale materials. Sanders sales exceeded projections during this time. The campaign won first place in the National Retail Awards Conference, and one of the spots below, featuring comedian, Tom Sharpe, won a prestigious Clio award. You could say that was the cherry on top of our hot fudge cream puff Sanders sundae.

 Are you fan of Sanders? We still are.

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