Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #29 MI Healthier Tomorrow.

Kaitlynn Crane 12/29/14 - 9:31 pm

Did you know that 69% of adults over the age of 20 are overweight? Or that 35% are obese? The Michigan Department of Community Health knew, which is why they wanted to launch a campaign that got those statistics moving down… and people all across the state moving around.

To help those struggling with their weight see the risks they were facing, we created a powerful brand engagement campaign. The TV spots below encouraged people to pledge to lose 10% of their body weight today so they could live a healthier life tomorrow.

Outdoor, radio, print, mobile and social media got the word out, and the campaign continues to support those who take the pledge with ongoing text messages, emails and Facebook status updates that give tips for a healthier tomorrow. 

As of today, more than 30,000 people have taken the MI Healthier Tomorrow pledge and received their helpful starter kit—equipped with a supermarket survival guide, food journal, refrigerator magnet and more.

Have you joined the movement, yet?


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