Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #27 Comcast.

Laurie Hix 12/18/14 - 4:44 pm

When Comcast moved into Michigan, it needed a high-speed kick start, so it hired Brogan. We got up to speed in no time and soon were also servicing another division of the company, Comcast Chicago. Over the years, working with both divisions we turned around a lot of great work in record time (no dial up, here!).

One of our favorite Comcast retail marketing campaigns was the Guru campaign. At the time, technology was changing rapidly and Comcast was on the forefront of developing new products and services (remember when no one knew what On-Demand was?). To appeal to tech early-adopters, we created a campaign centered around a wise and all-knowing Guru who pointed to path to enlightenment: of course, it was Comcast. The work moved beyond traditional mediums such as television, radio, print and outdoor to a microsite, online games, non-traditional outdoor, flash mobs and PR stunts.

It was more than a triple play. It was an integrated marketing home run. Looking back to the first time we were briefed about Comcast On-Demand, I had no idea how much I personally would come to depend on it. TV On-Demand? The Guru was right. It is the path to happiness.

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