Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #12: Arthur Andersen & Co

Laura Pryor 08/04/14 - 5:34 pm

In the mid-1990s,  Arthur Andersen & Co. was looking to market their financial services and dispel the misperception that they were only “bean counters,” tallying up numbers and wearing pocket protectors. In reality, the company was more than just an accounting firm, offering a full menu of financial, planning, productivity and consulting services for companies of all sizes, but awareness of these additional services was low.

Brogan & Partners faced the number-crunching image head on, marketing Arthur Andersen as “the best bean counters.”  Four print ads promoted individual service lines—Family Wealth Planning, State and Local Tax Services, Business Systems Consulting and the Enterprise Group (services for small to medium size businesses). A fifth image ad touted their core accounting, audit and tax services.  

In addition to winning creative awards and earning high recall and awareness ratings, the campaign brought in new business for the firm, including current clients who added new financial services.  Cool beans for Arthur Andersen… and Brogan, too.

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