Brogan & Partners, chosen as first ad agency to test “AdBot” automated marketing tool, will scale back to a 2-day work week.

Laura Pryor 04/01/18 - 4:01 am

Adbot marketing automation tool

Marketing and advertising have become increasingly automated over the past ten years, especially in the digital space. You can find any number of companies and software programs that will help you implement elaborate email campaigns, for example, or place programmatic media. But if you want your advertising to stand out – to be creatively different – you have to do that yourself.

Unless you’re Brogan & Partners.

Brogan has been chosen as the first U.S. test agency for AdBot, an automated marketing service that utilizes artificial intelligence to essentially clone a creative team.

By uploading all of a team’s creative work into the system, AdBot actually learns to not only think creatively, but to think the same way those writers and art directors do.

Say you have a sarcastic, snarky writer whose style is perfect for one of your more irreverent clients. You can upload all of his or her work into a distinct profile within the AdBot system. Then when you need that writer for a new project – say, a :30 radio spot – you simply choose the parameters of the project and assign it to that writer’s profile. AdBot will deliver you a creative spot written in the definitive style of that writer. Art directors can be “cloned” as well – the system will note favorite font styles, layout preferences, common color choices, etc. It turns out, as ad agency business teams have long suspected, you don’t really NEED a creative department.

Media placement can also be mostly automated using AdBot, but the media team has to be in the office at least part-time to receive free promotional items and be taken out to lunch. Therefore, once the system is in place, Brogan & Partners plans to scale back to a 2-day work week, with customer service on call the rest of the week. The new job of the creative team will be to maintain the AdBot database, updating the creative input occasionally as trends change, and to fetch doughnuts for the account and media teams from the nearby Tim Horton’s.


(Happy April Fool’s Day!)

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