Brands get up close and personal on Facebook.

Brogan & Partners 06/19/12 - 5:56 pm

In the past couple of months, a few brands have been reaching out to Facebook fans in an extra-ordinary way – with personalized videos. Febreze is the most recent example with their “Million Thanks.” According to Mashable, the brand is live-streaming their employees saying thank you 1 million times to celebrate reaching 1 million fans on Facebook. They are allotting 52 hours for this endeavor – that’s 320 thank yous per minute or five per second! To stay true the brand, Febreze is asking fans for smelly items to put in the background of the room.

Febreze wasn’t the first to engineer something extravagant to thank Facebook fans. AT&T launched “Thank You Notes” in which they created 500 personalized Youtube videos thanking random Facebook fans. This was to highlight their page hitting 2 million fans. 

Finally, in April, Kraft produced a six minute video name dropping fans who liked a certain post on their Facebook page. “Likeappella” thanked 4,600 fans throughout the video that starred an a capella group.



These elaborate social media stunts seem to be a hit with Facebook fans and are a fun way for the brand to show off their personalities. The Kraft post, for example, had the most likes than any other post on their page. Personal thank yous on Facebook might be the best way to reach fans in a medium that can feel detached at times.

What do you think? Will more brands catch on to this crazy trend or is it just another social media phase?

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