Anti-drunk driving messages cause marketers should know.

Kristin Morris 01/13/17 - 2:51 pm

Coming off the holiday season, most of us attended parties with family and friends where alcohol was served. And it is a strong possibility the majority of the people in attendance drove home, even if they indulged a little too much. According to MADD, in 2015 “Adults drank too much and drove about 121 million times per year.” Why is it that so many people make the decision to drive under the influence, especially with services like Uber and Lyft that exist in most cities and suburbs? Have they not seen any of the anti-drunk driving ads out there that show the potential consequences of driving under the influence? Take, for example, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning spot “Sticks With You.” Not only does it tug at the heart strings but it shows viewers the consequences drinking and driving can have on the people around you.

It turns out anti-drunk driving ads have been pretty effective over the years in reducing the number of fatalities related to drinking and driving. In fact, according to The Drinks Business, these types of fatalities are “at an all-time low having decreased 53% since 1982.” But what if consumers could actually experience the results of a drunk-driving crash firsthand? Could that help significantly reduce or even eliminate drunk-driving fatalities completely?
Diageo: “Decisions.”
Diageo, an adult beverage company, has pioneered virtual reality technology that allows consumers to experience the journey of a vehicle and passengers whose driver is under the influence, ultimately ending in a tragedy.

Virtual Reality is an innovative way to spread awareness about the dangers of drunk driving and hopefully give consumers a bit of a scare to help change their behavior. Do you think this type of advertising will be effective and further lower the rate of drunk-driving fatalities? Let us know in the comments below.
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