A.1. Sauce breaks up with Steak on Facebook.

Kaitlynn Crane 05/15/14 - 8:36 pm

It can be tough to get your message noticed on social media sites. On Facebook, your content competes with that of 1.11 billion people who are using the site each month. With 255 million monthly active users on Twitter sending 500 million Tweets each day, your content is easily buried.

To create great content that stands out, you have to think outside of the box—doing unique and emotional things that people will not only relate to, but will feel compelled to share.

A.1. had no problem doing that.

On Wednesday, the company revealed they were changing their label to say “A.1. Sauce” instead of “A.1. Steak Sauce”—a simple action that could’ve been done with a simple Facebook post or Tweet announcing the news. But, would that have stood out? Probably not.

Instead, the company created a video depicting A.1.’s Facebook page activity. Initially, A.1. is exclusively “in a relationship” with Steak. You see photos of the two together and get to read their comments to each other. They are a happy couple, until A.1. gets a friend request from Pork. In the friend request box, the mouse moves reluctantly from “Confirm” to “Not Now,” and you feel the commitment issues with which A.1. is struggling. Eventually, A.1. decides to accept friend requests from other foods, and is soon friends with Salmon, Fish Tacos, Meatballs, Crab Legs, Corn on the Cob, Green Beans and more, which makes things “complicated” for A.1. and Steak.

By the end, A.1. and Steak become friends again, with the understanding that they can see other foods.

And by the end, A.1. has made us laugh, cry and stare in amazement at the brilliance of the video.

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