7 new social media advertising opportunities

Kaitlynn Crane 07/19/22 - 4:40 pm

7 new social media advertising opportunities

Advertising on social media has proven time and time again to be a cost-effective solution with high rates of return. By delivering paid ads to both present and prospective customers, your creative content can help build brand awareness, increase conversions and drive website traffic – usually while boosting a bigger marketing campaign that’s running across many other mediums.

Those familiar with social media advertising will likely know of the units that are tried, true and expert approved… but they’ll also know the major players are almost always introducing new ways for businesses to connect with their customers.

With that, we’ve identified the latest advertising opportunities on the most powerful social media platforms, and we’ve outlined them below. Read on to see how you can take your TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube campaigns to the next level.


Did you know TikTok users are 1.5x more likely to immediately purchase a product they discovered on the platform? To help businesses experience this, along with all the benefits of advertising on their app, TikTok is launching Branded Mission — an industry-first ad solution that will inspire seemingly effortless brand and creator collaborations.

To participate in a Branded Mission, advertisers will develop a brief and release it to TikTok’s creator community, inviting real people to create relatable and authentic content that promotes a product or service. Then, those advertisers will be able to select their favorite original videos and turn them into ads. Learn more.


Snapchat is continuing to evolve their already impressive AR shopping, with features like a 3D Asset Manager that will make it easy for businesses to request, approve and optimize 3D models of any product in their catalog OR utilize approved 3D models from well-known brands that are already in Snap’s asset management system. Additionally, their AR Image Processing will allow businesses to leverage their existing product photos and transform them into turnkey AR-ready assets, making it easier than ever to establish a try-on Lens experience. Learn more.


Facebook is testing a new capability that will allow businesses to send promotional message campaigns in Messenger. This means if a user opts in to receive notifications about upcoming sales, advertisers would be allowed to re-engage with them via private message when they had such news to share. Learn more.

In addition, to improve the management of lead generation, Facebook is launching a few new features within their Instant Forms ads. Learn more.

  • With lead filtering, businesses would be able to pursue the leads that are most promising, as responses to a multiple-choice question would filter out those who may not be a good fit.
  • With creative customization, advertisers would be allowed to add visuals and other content to their Instant Forms.
  • With the opportunity to offer gated content, businesses would be able to offer exclusive assets to people who complete an Instant Form, without redirecting to their website.


Facebook will soon begin testing Creator Marketplace on Instagram, where brands and creators can partner to create original content. Here, creators will be able to indicate the brands and topics they’re interested in making branded content for, discover opportunities to partner with vetted brands, and manage their brand deals without ever leaving the app. Meanwhile, brands will be able to discover and collaborate with Instagram creators through Meta Business Suite, using demographic and interest filters for both creators and their audience. Then, when advertisers find the creators they want to work with, they’ll be able to send a project outline that details the opportunity, including deliverables and financial incentives. Learn more.


If you’ve heard of Twitter’s Timeline Takeover – a placement that ensures a brand’s ad is the first ad to appear when someone opens Twitter for the first time that day – now, there’s something new to pay attention to. Available as an add-on to the Timeline Takeover, Branded Likes let advertisers transform Twitter’s traditional Like button into a custom animation.

During testing, Branded Likes generated a +277% lift in recall and +202% lift in purchase and consideration intent. And according to Twitter Insiders research, two in every three people surveyed said they found Branded Likes to be appealing. Learn more (and see samples).


New to the ‘Tube… advertisers can now set a weekly frequency goal in order to optimize how many times users see their ads each week, which will likely lead to a more efficient ad spend and a better experience for viewers.

In a recent partnership with Discovery+, for example, YouTube ran campaigns with a frequency goal to try determining the optimal frequency level. As a result, Discovery saw twice the brand awareness lift compared to previous campaigns that ran at a similar cost. (An interesting discovery, indeed.) Learn more.

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