7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.

Emily Marchak 10/27/15 - 3:20 pm

Food. It’s on everyone’s minds and the subject of daily conversation. What’s for dinner? What are you eating? What’s for dessert? May I have the recipe? Are there doughnuts in the kitchen?

As if our food frenzy wasn’t already enough, Instagram has taken our obsession with food to a beautiful new level.

Food is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, followed by #recipe, #instafood, #nomnom, #foodpic and #yum. And with the recent opening of the advertisement program, brands are flocking to the platform to supply user’s newsfeeds with their photogenic fare.

So tuck in and feast your eyes on what seven brands and bloggers are baking into their Instagram profiles.

1. Reynolds Wrap sets an endless table.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
Traditionally a kitchen staple of generations past, Reynolds Wrap is looking to insert its brand into the kitchens of today’s modern mothers. In order to do so, Reynolds Wrap has teamed up with food bloggers and influencers to create and share recipes. They are also taking advantage of Instagram’s format, creating the illusion of the endless table. Each photo is a high definition, overhead shot of delicious goodies that when strung together, achieve the illusion. This format entices fans to pull up a virtual chair to Reynolds Wrap’s table and engage with brand. Save us a seat please!

2. TheFeedFeed is high quality with a human touch.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
Cooking and sharing recipes are the ingredients behind this profile’s posts. TheFeedFeed serves as a nice source of information for the average cook, encouraging people to get in the kitchen and to use local and seasonal ingredients. Featuring recipes and photos of their own as well as their follower’s recent creations, this account has high standards. Photos are typically close up or overhead shots. Images include an element of humanity, whether implied by a homey kitchen towel cozying up to bruléed bananas or sprinkles of cinnamon about the food zone.

3. Starbucks uses pumpkin spiced personalization to connect with followers.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Peppermint Mocha Frappucinos and coffee galore. Priding themselves on offering customers a unique interaction with every drink, users are able to experience this similar connection with every Instagram post.  Each photo is artfully constructed, creative and consistant with their brand (and not completely logo ridden). Images are bright, fun and at times involve playful messaging (RAWR!). Starbucks carefully crafts their images as they do their coffee and we may just have to cut this list short get our caffiene fix!

4. Broma Bakery bakes Instagram into its tasty blog.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
What started off as a college student hungry for her mother’s kitchen turned into a major blogging business. Sarah Fennel is a full time blogger that is not only heating up the oven, but Instagram too. Whether she’s teaming up with a brand for #sponsored baking or pulling a recipe from her archives, Fennel’s images are inviting, bold and deliciously good!

5. Food52 uses food as their muse, inspiring home cooks to entertain.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
If you thought this profile was a blogger, you would be mistaken, but not the first. This profile is actually home to a culinary retailer, Food 52. It offers everything from cooking utensils and dinnerware to pantry enhancers, while their Instagram profile offers a feast for the eyes. Images are simple, rustic and use relaxed lighting. This is most likely a reflection on the company’s roots and philosophy. Starting out as a means to share recipes and tips in the kitchen among chefs has turned into much more. It is a fork full of philosophy:

“If you cook, your family will eat dinner together…

If you cook, you’ll make others happy.

If you cook, people will remember you.”

Not only did it make us happy but we won’t forget this brand!

6. Wright Kitchen’s Instagram: food that’s fit for the table, and the gallery.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
Brittany Wright is a Seattle-based photographer and foodie. Wright has set out to cook everything and anything but is going about it with quite the artistic flair. Everything Wright makes and uses are carefully arranged by color, size or shape, creating geometric, gradient beauty.

7. Oreo uses satire to tempt taste buds.
7 inspiring food brands and bloggers on Instagram.
Oreo is not only “milk’s favorite cookie,” it’s a scrumptious satire on social media. Witnessed all throughout their feed, Oreo combines their product in peculiar, creative ways that tell a story, brighten our feed and solicit a laugh. Using a cookie, splash of color and a dash of humor, Oreo not only appeals to our sweet tooth but to our funny bone too.

Key Takeout Takeaways.
From scrolling through these profiles, we have noted some visual trends that may help turn up the flavor and ensure your Instagram strategy is not a recipe for disaster.

Here are some key trends:

  • Photos are shot overhead or up close.
  • Color and contrast are critical to capturing your culinary creations.
  • Imperfections are actually perfect. Don’t be afraid to snap a photo of the cooking cloth, egg shells or cinnamon spills alongside your treats. Fans respond well to authentic posting.
  • Emphasis on lighting is crucial. Whether your company or brand is bold or a bit more laid back, your lighting should reflect your philosophy (like Food 52 and Oreo).

What food brands and bloggers do you follow on Instagram? Be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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