7 creative ways brands can use stop-motion animation.

Brogan & Partners 11/02/15 - 2:21 pm

Brands are using creativity to increase engagement with their target audience now more than ever. That’s because great advertising is so much more than just providing information. It’s about making a great impression, creating something visually arresting and getting your message across. And all of this must be done with the assumption that your audience has the attention span of a tired toddler.

That’s why brands have turned to stop-motion animation as their go-to for effective and engaging ads. The moving images are more enticing than a still visual, and are less demanding than videos. Plus, it’s a great solution for brands that don’t have a lot of resources or a large budget to tell their brand story.

Brands are successfully using this technique to create advertising that thinks outside of the box. If your brand is looking for creative inspiration, here are some ways you can use stop-motion animation in your upcoming ad campaigns:

  1. Celebrate the season – Why not welcome the new season with a creative twist? Making a stop-motion video is a great way to create something that’s relatable and engaging to your audience. Plus, you can always tie it back to your brand. Starbucks created a stop-motion video to welcome fall and everyone’s fall favorite: Pumpkin Spice Latte.

  2. Share a holiday greeting – Your audience is most likely getting ready for the upcoming holiday, so join them in the excitement with a stop-animation video. Adding creativity to your holiday greeting can help your brand stand out from the rest of the crowd. Did you see M&M’s stop-motion animation for Halloween, which was created to appeal to our sweet tooth?

  3. Make an announcement – Is your brand launching something new? Make your announcement even more exciting with a stop-motion video. You’ll be sure to grab your audience’s attention for a memorable message they won’t want to miss. Here’s how Chobani launched their partnership with Plated.
  4. Share a recipe – Let your audience be part of the process. If you’re a food retail brand, share your favorite recipes. A stop-motion video is the perfect way to showcase how to make some of your fan’s favorites. See how Chipotle puts together their delicious guacamole recipe.

  5. Tell about promotion – Get the word out about your latest promotion. Instead of posting an ordinary promotional flyer, why not create a stop-motion video that showcases coupons, products and more? Wendy’s wanted to promote their 5 Frosty Coupons for $1, so they created a stop-motion video to spread the word.
  6. Showcase different products – When it comes to advertising, quantity matters. Because the more products you can show, the more prospects you’ll have. Your audience wants to see what you can offer, and stop-motion animation gives brands the flexibility to do just that. Samsung’s stop-motion video shows the different ways you can style their Gear S2 watch.

  7. Tell your brand story – What does your brand value? What is it made up of? What comes to mind when people hear your brand’s name? For Etsy, it’s all about crafts. And they were able to tell their brand story in just a few seconds.
  8. Promote an event – If you’re hosting an upcoming event, send an invitation your fans won’t forget. Make a stop-motion video to give your audience a hint of what they should expect when they attend. It’s a fun way to increase RSVP’s and raise awareness about an event. We created a fun stop-motion video for our client, the Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter, to promote their annual Hideous Holiday Sweater Run.


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