6 top takeaways from MSHPM Conference 2019

Julia Mastropaolo 04/24/19 - 10:22 pm

We were thrilled to sponsor and attend the annual MSHPM conference earlier this month in Lansing. In case you were unable to attend this year, here are our 6 top takeaways from this enlightening event:

  1. Michigan is the biggest statewide chapter of SHSMD. Wow, way to go, Michigan! And way to go MSHPM board members, who have rejuvenated this organization with both quarterly regional conferences and a high quality annual statewide conference.

    Our 6 top takeaways from the Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing Conference 2019

  2. Lack of brand trust costs companies $2.5 trillion annually. And how does that happen? Just like any failed relationship, claims Tammy Zonker, CEO and Founder of Fundraising Transformed. Failed promises, and lack of reliability and transparency cause negative behavioral responses that are often impossible to remedy. And always exorbitant. But do not fear, because…

  3. Oxytocin creates trust which in turn, creates donors. Why? Because “oxytocin is the love chemical,” explained Tammy. It produces empathy, connection, generosity and ultimately joy. So, whether you’re in hospital development or marketing, by all means, create oxytocin through your storytelling. “Nothing happens until someone feels something,” espouses Tammy. So rather touting “first in this and only in that,” tell your organizational story and give people something they can count on. Patagonia does it with Green. Dicks does it with gun control. Figure out what your story is.

  4. Preventing violence against healthcare workers is a 2019 MHA priority. This and other top priorities were highlighted by Ruthanne Sudderth, MHA Vice President of Public Affairs. Making the list are rural OB services (check out #MiRuralCareMatters), critical access hospitals, behavioral health, prevention of surprise billing, and no surprise, a continued focus on the Auto no-fault insurance issue.

  5. UK Health’s brand has a valuation of $64 million and 41% of Apple’s value ($182 billion) is associated with the brand. If you’ve ever wondered what your brand is worth, just ask Jim Lloyd, Principal of PYA, an accounting firm that evaluates brands and educates folks on understanding and leveraging brand value. “Marketing is not a cost center,” says Lloyd. “It is an asset. Intangibles are more valuable than tangibles and your brand is your number one intangible.”

  6. Honesty, trust, transparency, responsiveness and collaboration are key to navigating the client/agency relationship. Both humorous and genuine, ddm executives (one a former client) did an excellent job of providing case studies as evidence. As a past hospital marketing director myself, I concur that it’s a 2-way street, with the best partnerships and outcomes resulting from collaboration on both sides.

Finally, we heard that “no one grows up wanting to be a healthcare marketer”.  Sad, but true. And something I had never really thought about. Why shouldn’t healthcare marketing be a profession children aspire toward? After all, we’re not selling widgets. We’re performing a critical job, sharing lifesaving and enhancing stories daily, educating people on behavioral health change, and making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

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