6 inspiring design accounts to follow on Instagram.

Emily Marchak 11/12/15 - 4:05 pm

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Creativity has several definitions. Some say it’s the generating of original thoughts. Others say it involves the imagination. Or it’s the ability to perceive the world in new and exciting ways. We believe it’s all of the above. At Brogan & Partners, we like to think creatively. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s even one of our core values. We love being inspired and creating work that inspires others.

Instagram is doing the same with their recent updates to the Explore Page, serving users with curated collections built to inspire. They have a collection for everything from new people, places, athletes, artists, you name it.

So if you need a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of accounts that will surely sprinkle some creativity into your feed.

1. Joanna Muńoz
wink and wonder
This Los Angeles based designer specializes in calligraphy and lettering. Each post features a unique word or phrase, executed with a new technique. Images are sharp in contrast, mostly black and white surfaces enriched with script wonder. It’s no surprise her handle is @winkandwonder.

2. Sabenna Karnik
Sabenna Karnik
Sabeena Karnik is an independent typographer, calligrapher and sculptor. Not only does she create typography, she then sculpts her creations using colored paper, creating very fluid feeling graphics. From book covers to logos to alphabet letters, Sabeena can do almost anything. We particularly enjoy her letter series, see above.

3. Eugenia Clara
Eugenia Clara
Eugenia Clara is an interactive designer by day and an avid doodler and typographer by every day. Utilizing urban inspired desks and backdrops, her images are modern, bright and full of exciting possibilities.

4. June Digan
June digan
Instagram is the canvas for June Digan’s watercolor paintings, graphic designs and illustrations. The 3D quality of her work makes her paintings practically jump through the screen of my iPhone. Each image is a collage of sorts, showcasing everything she is working on, with the main work at the forefront of every image. Are you inspired yet?

5. Becca Clason
Becca Clason
Mom always said, “Don’t play with your food,” but that didn’t stop freelance lettering artist, designer and stop motion animator Becca Clason. Using pretty much any material imaginable, food included, Becca creates exquisite images and stop motion videos of her hand lettered masterpieces.

Canadian Tire, Disney, American Express and Target are among the many clients that have solicited her work for type or stop animation creations. Please excuse us while we go try to create something with our lunch leftovers.

6. Dudi Ben Simon
dudi ben simon
Magritte? Man Ray? Is that you? Art director and photographer Dudi Ben Simon curates a collection of Instagram posts with quite the surrealist flare that may have you fooled. This playful yet irrational juxtaposition of visual elements does indeed make you do a double take.  Not only are the images chock full of satire, but the captions are too.

What other Instagram accounts have you feeling inspired? Tell us who you follow in the comments below.

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