5 tips to boost video performance.

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5 tips to boost video performance.

You don’t need to do research to know that videos are going viral. Ranging from 10 seconds to three minutes, informational videos communicating core concepts to viewers are popping up all over the place. And for good reason: consumers are more likely to share a video than a blog. Yet it isn’t good enough just to have content, it has to be good. Bad content can do more damage than no content at all. Here are five tips to get clicks and make your video content shine.

  1. Be brief throughout.

    Two to three minutes should be plenty. Know that brevity goes beyond the total length. While the video itself should be short, internal facts and sections should also be brief. No one needs a minute, or even 30 seconds of a talking head. Keep short cuts of relevant information, and switch up your info with cuts of B roll or go on to the next fact. Lingering will only lose viewers.

  2. Tell, don’t sell.

    Your audience knows when they’re being pitched to. For example, a video on healthcare shouldn’t boast about how great your hospital is. It’s one-sided communication and may appear conceited. Instead, tell consumers what they want to know. Explaining medical procedures in a unique, simplified manner will help avoid selling yourself too hard. And with healthcare, there’s a lot to explain. Quickies on different procedures, choosing a doctor or purchasing insurance will do better. When patients have questions, video presents a great opportunity to deliver the answers first hand. Remember to not just feature yourself, but your audience. A recent study suggests that consumers value a patient-centered approach to healthcare. This can be done through featuring patient interviews and showing the doctor-patient relationship. Your audience will be able to see themselves through the screen.

  3. Keep style simple.

    The style of your video should not only reflect the content, but your audience. Think about why your audience wants to view the content. Is it out of necessity, research, entertainment, or just curiosity? Your style should reflect the answer. Generally speaking, a simple and straightforward style will strike viewers who don’t want to be overwhelmed. Like any form of communication, videos that connect on a personal level are typically winners.

  4. Know when to use live action vs. animation.

    Animation and live action are two different animals in the video world. For live action, quality sound and lighting keeps things professional. It’s also great to focus on the people in your video. For entertainment purposes, AdWeek suggests modeling your video after a film or documentary.

    On the flipside, there’s the possibility of animation. We have the unconscious connection in our minds that drawn ad equals simple. Animation also gives you more power over your style, tone and transitions. This American Heart Association video illustrates the beauty of a simplified message via well-conceived, effective animation.

    So how do you know what’s best for your video? If your ad features talking, show the person. But if your focus is statistics or directions, animation may be best.

  5. Have accurate representation.

    Both Millennials and Boomers want to see themselves as equal members of society. Boomers don’t want to be isolated as the old, wrinkled people on TV. In fact, the Pew Research Center reported that 64 percent of them are on a social media site. In your videos, make sure you don’t single them out. Show Boomers as a part of society, blended among a variety of age groups who are tech savvy and able to function online.

    Millennials enjoy ads from real people. This may not be an expert, but someone who is genuine to the audience. Going back to healthcare, instead of doctors talking about how great a procedure is, consumers will want to hear from patients. Show them a face they will relate to.

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