4 tips to being a rock star at work. Bonus: Tunes to get you motivated.

Jennifer Garner 06/29/15 - 2:05 pm

What exactly is a rock star? Let’s break it down:

A “rock” is something that offers support; is solid, secure, stable and strong.
A “star” is something celebrated and brilliant; outstanding, effective, stellar, luminary, ideal and glorious.

Combined, a “rock star” is someone who instills dependability, creativity and passion while shining efficiently with unique qualities all their own. A strong individual who knows the value of being a team player with mindful ideas and opinions.

How can you become a rock star at your workplace? Here are four tips for pumping up the volume and putting the “rock” in your work role.

1. March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

My jam: “Bang the Drum All Day” (Todd Rundgren)

Being an individual is the best quality you can bring to your job (on top of being on time and actually doing your work but that’s a given, right?). Being confident in what you’re bringing to the table and knowing that you are indeed a valuable asset will surely show in the work you accomplish. Be positive, optimistic, and seek out new education experiences to broaden your thinking and ideas. Thinking outside of the box and discovering new ways to express your thoughts will not only boost your creative skills, but will also strengthen your mind as a whole.

Short and sweet: Think differently and never stop learning.

motivation at work

2. Don’t be afraid to go solo

My jam: “Working Class Hero” (John Lennon)

Drive and passion go hand-in-hand when it comes to rockin’ your job. If you have an interesting and unique idea, don’t be afraid to speak up and allow your voice to be heard. Don’t rely on anyone else to get your idea out there. Just take a deep breath, and know that whatever the outcome, you are capable of figuring out the solution yourself. Having confidence to step up to the plate is not an easy task, but the only way to do it is to do just that: Step up and take the initiative. It will be noticed and it will be valued.

Short and sweet: Just do it!

3. No “I” in TEAM, but there is a “ME”

My jam: “All Together Now” (The Beatles)

How would your co-workers describe you? Are you a team player? Are you approachable, dependable? What do you bring to the table?

It’s important that while you remain true to yourself in the workplace, you should also be dependable as a working component in the unit that makes up your team. Focus on your own small details that add to the big picture, and remember that attitude is everything. Being grouchy, impatient or snapping at folks really isn’t going to make anyone feel good, so why not ensure you’re as pleasant as possible? Yes, sometimes life is a mess and gets in the way of our good mood, but when you’re in the workplace, its best to leave your “personal life” at the door and focus on your “work life.” Inspire and encourage growth amongst your co-workers. Focus on keeping the positive and productive energy flowing, and allow it to follow you out the door at the end of the day.

Short and sweet: Play well with others.

4. Connect with Your “Fans”

My jam:“We Are The Champions” (Queen)

Your co-workers are, in a sense, your fan base. Because face it, you see these folks a lot more than you see some of your own family. You want your co-workers to advocate, have your back and be as much of a support for you as you are for them. It all goes back to being a team player and simply being pleasant to be around. Be willing to talk through any problems that arise while keeping your cool. Adapt to your surroundings and just go with the flow. See each other’s strengths, listen and always have respect. As the old saying goes, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It holds very true for the workplace (as well as life in general).

Short and sweet: Communicate.

More tunes to inspire the work rock star in you

  • “Simply The Best (Tina Turner)
  • “Everybody’s Working for the Weekend ” (Loverboy)
  • “Eye of the Tiger” (Survivor)
  • “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton)
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