4 technology trends on the rise in 2018.

Emily Marchak 12/12/17 - 4:25 pm

Artificial intelligence, virtual doctor visits, mobile check deposit. What’s next for tech? While brands are getting ready to market their products and services in the coming year, they’re also looking for new, engaging ways to connect with consumers. Where can they find them? Look no further than their devices. According to a Qualtrics Survey, 62 percent of Millennial shoppers are willing to trade their information for AI-recommended products. That said, do you need to amplify your brand’s marketing techniques in the coming year? Try one of these hot tech trends.

  1. Augmented reality. The technology of superimposing digital objects into a real-life setting is slated to record more spending by 2022, according to Adweek. And since the world had its first taste of AR with Pokémon Go, brands have been evaluating how to incorporate this technology into their own branded experience. One brand putting the technology to creative use…IKEA. The furniture store decided to roll out an AR app to create an opportunity for curious shoppers. The app allows users to see how furniture would look in their own home using 3D renderings of up to 600 furniture items, enhancing the world of online or in-app shopping. Other adopters? Snapchat with their dancing hotdog and Apple with a talking emoji feature on the iPhone 10.
    Augmented reality
    (Source: IKEA)
  2. Virtual reality. Although not a new technology, brands are now making VR more accessible for users, so it is not so oculus restricted. This year, Brogan & Partners produced a VR spot for the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning to address the thousands of impaired drivers in Michigan. Incorporating 360-degree video techniques, the campaign lets users experience VR with a smartphone.
  3. Visual, facial search recognition. In the days of voice and audio search recognition, users are now shifting to visual search recognition. One platform taking advantage of this trend is Pinterest. With the “Instant Ideas” button in the app, users can take pictures of their surroundings and Pinterest will offer related content. Is your coworker wearing cool shoes? Snap a picture and Pinterest will try to find you a similarly hip pair. Another trend sweeping the tech world – facial recognition. With the debut of the iPhone 10, users can unlock their phones with their face. What’s next?
  4. Live streaming. Today, brands are finding creative ways to engage with consumers, even if they can’t be there in person. While YouTubers and bloggers have been hosting livestreams for ages, brands and celebrities are starting to take note. For example, to launch her latest album Witness, Katy Perry hosted a livestream on YouTube of her debut weekend festivities. Sponsored by CoverGirl and surrounded by 41 cameras, the singer invited fans to watch while she hosted several celebrities, wore specific brands, played games, cooked, entertained, meditated, etc. all while her album was playing on loop in the background. Users could join the stream at any given point of the day to tune in to Perry’s antics. Talk about an immersive brand experience.

    Live streaming
    (Source: The New Yorker)

    Brands dipping their feet in this technology are taking to their Instagram profiles to livestream product debuts. Ann Taylor and Kate Spade New York are just a few of the retail brands taking over their Instagram Stories to livestream major events. These livestreams are then re-playable for 24 hours, in case they can’t join in the moment.

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