4 Millennial social media habits explained: Snapchat.

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In just four years, Snapchat has quickly climbed to the top as the third most popular social media app among Millennials. But what about Snapchat makes it so appealing to younger Millennials? MTV Insight tells us that this generation is “looking for intimate, ‘face-to-face’ interaction in a world that’s increasingly virtual.” Snapchat allows them to do just that. The app lets users share photos and videos with friends without the commitment of having to store the photos on their phone or online.

Snapchat contains a variety of features such as the ability to send photos, videos, chat, create a story and transfer money via Snapcash. When Business Insider asked this generation what they used this social media app for, many of them responded with similar answers, making it clear that Millennials had an established Snapchat etiquette. So what are they using it for? And what do their habits reveal to us about this generation?

Here are a few insights brands need to know:

1.   Have a sense of humor – A survey showed that Millennials use Snapchat to “share weird things…videos of friends being funny…or ugly selfies.” It’s one of the main reasons why Snapchat is so popular for this audience. And it makes sense. Millennials love a good laugh and are especially drawn to humor. In fact, comedy is the most watched online genre among this generation because it hits home with one of their core values – fun. If there’s one thing Snapchat reveals to us, it’s the need for brands to poke fun and laugh.

Tips for brands: If you’re trying to grab Millennial’s attention, don’t hesitate to have a little fun. Millennials are more likely to share brand content if it’s something they think will make their friends laugh. Look for opportunities to be witty, even if it’s not your brand’s usual tone. For Millennials, a little humor can go a long way.

Taco Bell is one of the pioneering brands that use Snapchat to connect with Millennials. Using funny puns, the brand created interactive Valentine’s Day cards for their followers to screenshot and send to friends.

 2.   Be relevant using real time marketing – Aside from humor there’s another reason why Snapchat is so popular; Millennials love real time marketing. When asked about the frequency of using Snapchat, one Millennial responded, “[My friends and I] snap every day, just random updates and pictures.” Another noted, “I try to keep my story updated.” The frequency of Snapchat usage is a habit that allows us to tap into this generation’s desire to stay updated with what’s current. And by current, we’re not talking about what’s happening this month, but this very minute. Brands that can strategically insert themselves into a trending conversation that involves Millennials are bound to win favor and get people talking.

Tips for brands: Be aware of what conversation topics are currently trending among this generation. It’s usually an indication of what people are talking about, which will give your brand the perfect opportunity to join the conversation. Saying the right thing at the right time could be the perfect chance for your brand to gain attention. Need some inspiration? Read about these four inspiring real time marketing examples.

During the Super Bowl, McDonalds was the only brand to extend their campaign to Snapchat. Using real time marketing, the brand created short video clips that showed friends sitting on the couch, talking about McDonald’s Pay With Love commercials that aired during the big game.

Do you know any other Snapchat habits among Millennials? Tell us what you think it reveals about this generation in the comments below.

Tune into this blog series as we explore more Millennial social media habits and what that tells us about this generation.

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