4 Millennial social media habits explained: Facebook.

Brogan & Partners 09/25/15 - 12:52 pm

Facebook continues to take the lead as the most popular social media app used among Millennials. In fact, 76 percent of Millennials (people ages 18-34) actively use Facebook. But the question remains: What are Millennials using Facebook for? And more importantly, what does that tell us about this unique generation?

According to the American Press Institute, Facebook serves primarily as an information hub for this generation more than it is used as a social networking platform. Eighty-eight percent of Millennials get news from Facebook and 57 percent of them do so at least once a day. A majority of Millennials prefer to get news from Facebook over other news sites like CNN, Google News and Yahoo. Contrary to popular belief, Millennials don’t use Facebook to post about their daily lives. For them, Facebook is a news-curation feed, whether political (presidential debate, anyone?), technological (the latest iPhone updates) or social news (Yup, another engagement).

So what does this tell us about Millennials? A few things:

  1. Millennials are information seekers – There’s much more to this generation than taking selfies and watching cat videos. Millennials have a desire to know and discover. That’s because Millennials are activists who want to make a positive impact in the world. So, understanding the world they live in and staying on top of the latest current events allows them to facilitate change.

    Tips for brands: To engage with this audience, providing clear information is key. Millennials are asking “what?” so it’s important for your brand to create multiple avenues where they can learn more about your brand. Ambiguity and obscurity will drive this generation away.

  2. Millennials desire relevancy – News is important to Millennials. But it’s even more important if it’s relevant, which is why this generation is looking for information via their social networks. Relevancy is one of the social currencies of this generation. What are other people talking about? How does this affect me? Why does it matter to me or my community? And we’re not just talking about news. This value is especially prominent when it comes to brands. Millennials gravitate toward brands that are relevant. To them, it’s more than just getting a product or service. It’s just as important for your brand to tell Millennials why they need you.

    Tips for brands: A brand needs to be personal, understanding and relevant to really resonate with this generation. They’re not just asking what your brand is, they’re wondering why it matters to them. Make an emotional connection with Millennials to really showcase why your brand should be significant to them.

  3. Millennials prefer simplicity – There’s a reason why Millennials aren’t picking up newspapers and flipping through all the pages. According to CEB Iconoculture, simplicity is one of the 14 core values that makes this generation so unique. While easy access and convenience are not a requirement, they definitely are a bonus. Millennials are multitaskers, so they’re looking for brands and products that can bring simplicity to their life in order to help them juggle the things they value.

    Tips for brands: According to Goldman Sachs, Millennials are turning to brands that can offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost. So if your brand wants to win with this generation, showcase simplicity. Now that they know what your brand is and why it matters, take it one step further and tell them how you can help make life simpler. Answering these three questions will really hit home with this generation.

    TOMS is a brand that has been able to gain the favor and loyalty of Millennials. They understand this generation and know exactly how to create a brand that resonates. For example, TOMS tells Millennials everything they want to know in a single Facebook post:


    With every bag you purchase, TOMS will help provide a safe birth for a mother and baby in need.

    Posted by TOMS on Friday, September 11, 2015


  • What? TOMS doesn’t just sell shoes, they make bags too. See for yourself.
  • Why? You can be a part of making a difference for a mother and baby in need.
  • How? It’s simple: purchase a TOMS bag. They even put the link right in the status.


What other social media channels do you think we should decode? Tell us in the comments below. Tune into this blog series as we explore more Millennial social media habits and what that tells us about this generation. 

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