3 brands accepting the blurring of “health” and “wellness.”

Emily Marchak 09/27/16 - 2:25 pm

3 brands accepting the blurring of "health" and "wellness."

To some, health and wellness go hand in hand. To others, they are distinctly separate. But to consumers, they are almost blurred. According to CEB Iconoculture’s latest IconoCommunities study on consumer definitions of health and wellness, there is very little distinction between the two. Consumers view their health and personal wellness to be one in the same, and they are even looking at health behaviors and how they affect not only the physical health, but their mental and emotional well-being.

Brands accepting these expanded definitions of health are proving to be successful. Take a look.

  1. Fitbit and Dana Farber Cancer
    In conjunction with their study of the relationship between breast cancer and excess body weight, Dana Farber Cancer Institute has partnered with Fitbit to help improve consumers’ lives. As part of the partnership, Fitbit will donate more than 3,000 fitness trackers to those participating in the Dana Farber study. The brand’s willingness to do more within the health space demonstrates their acceptance of consumers’ value of their health and wellness.
  2. MDHHS and Getting to the Heart of the Matter

    The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ program Getting to the Heart of the Matter is here to inform consumers there are a number of things you can do to improve your health. Whether you’re living with a chronic disease or just want to get healthier, MDHHS encourages you to take a step forward and improve your health.

  3. Excedrin’s Virtual Reality Migraine

    To educate and provide insight on migraine sufferers’ experience, Excedrin has developed a migraine simulator for people interested in gaining new perspective. The pharmaceutical brand acknowledges the variety of patient symptoms with this new technology and campaign, proving their compassion for consumers.

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