11 reasons Millennials love binge watching TV shows.

Kaitlynn Crane 10/28/15 - 4:44 pm

“Just one more episode,” says a young Millennial before they fall asleep.

“To be continued?! I have to know how it ends,” cries another.

“Want to watch a show?” a wife asked her husband three hours and six episodes ago.

The act of binge watching has officially become the new normal. A recent TiVo survey showed an overwhelming nine out of 10 people call themselves binge watchers, with Millennials spending the most amount of time in front of their screens. But, why has binge watching become so popular amongst this generation? Let’s take a look.

1. They’ve fallen behind. Not everyone can (or can remember to) watch a show during its scheduled timeslot. In fact, 61 percent of binge watchers report they watch three or more episodes of the same show in one day because they missed the episodes when they originally aired. Meanwhile, 45 percent admit they binge because they learned about the show much later, and they needed to catch up.

2. They want to watch it all at once. 32 percent of people deliberately put off watching an entire season of a show until they can watch it all at once, and 39 percent say some shows are just better when watched back-to-back-to-back.

3. They need a break from reality. Millennials are busy. Maybe that’s why when they’re ready to unwind, the idea of cozying up on the couch in front of their TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone is so appealing. A whopping 76 percent of TV streamers say watching several episodes of a show as a time is a welcome refuge.

4. They need something to do before bed. How did we used to fall asleep without the sounds of a TV show lulling us into dream land? Binge watching has become the thing to do before bed, and 31 percent of people even admit they’ve lost sleep because of it.

5. They need something to do on a Saturday. No weekend plans? Thirty-seven percent of people say they’ve spent an entire weekend binge watching a TV show.

6. They want to spend time with someone. Who do you watch Netflix with? Your dad? Your daughter? Your husband? According to TiVo, 31 percent of people say binge watching is an important way to spend time with their spouse.

7. They don’t want to do anything else. The ‘ol, “I have 500 things on my to-do list, but I don’t want to do any of them” approach.

8. They get a recommendation. Think about it. When you finish watching a show you loved, you tell all of your friends and family members about it. You share a Facebook status update about it. You tweet about it. And research has found that tweets about TV shows can be highly influential—with 42 percent of the tweet’s viewers making plans to either search the show on Netflix or watch it later.

9. They get addicted, and then invested. Sometimes, episodes of a TV show are like a Lay’s potato chip. You can’t enjoy just one. It has to be two. Or three. Our six. Or an entire season.

10. They get nostalgic. Maybe they watched the show when it aired in real time 10 years ago, and they want to experience it all over again. They pick up things they never noticed before. They start to remember what was happening in their own life the first time they saw it. They start to realize how far actors have come since then.

11. They’re supporting an actor, writer, director, producer, etc. who they like. It stands to reason that if someone liked Jennifer Anniston in this, they’ll probably like her in that. If they loved Mark Schwan’s writing style in this, they’ll probably love it in that. If they enjoyed the songs Joe Davola picked in this, they’ll probably enjoy them in that.

Are you guilty of binge watching? Tell us why you love to marathon your favorite TV show in the comments below.

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