6 reasons why your brand should leverage video.

How many online videos have you watched today? Probably more than you want to admit. You’re in good company. We love video and why not? It’s easy to consume, entertaining and memorable. According to Forrester Research, one-minute of video is...Read more

Weekly Recap - June 17, 2016

Landing page designs got you down? From choosing CTAs and deciding on copy length, landing pages can be tricky. But fear not. HubSpot has 16 designs to draw inspiration from. And one thing is for certain, it must be mobile...Read more

Millennials are slow to wed. What it means for marketers.

Millennials aren’t in any rush to put a ring on it. Compared to older generations, Millennials are slow to wed. A recent Gallup poll found 64 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds today are single and not living with a partner,...Read more

Weekly Recap - June 10, 2016

Instagram is breaking out the math. The photo-sharing introduced a shiny new algorithm this week. Now images will be served based on the “likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of...Read more

Healthcare Checkup - June 2016

What do you think of when you hear the word “Millennial?” Do you think “carefree” or “caregiver?” According to an AARP study, of the roughly 40 million U.S. adult caregivers, 25 percent are Millennials. That’s right, Millennials. But how can...Read more

Millennials and eldercare: 4 things to know about the future of caregivers.

What do you think of when you hear the word “Millennial?” While some believe this cohort is “carefree,” “entitled” or “selfish,” some are shaking this notion altogether when it comes to this cohort’s most recent duty. Caregiving. Here are 4...Read more

Weekly Recap - June 3, 2016

Are you listening? Spotify will now let brands sponsor curated playlists. The platform announced last week that they will be working with advertisers to drive streams to a playlist through native promotion, brand marketing and social media. Is Instagram part...Read more

Weekly Recap - May 27, 2016

Shake it up. Shake it up. That’s how Millennials at SMBs are approaching marketing. Gone are the days when word of mouth marketing was all you needed. Now, social media marketing is just as important. In fact, 84 percent are...Read more

Weekly Recap - May 20, 2016

You don’t know me. This from the disappointed consumer masses who can’t find a decent email offer in their inbox. A First Insight study says consumers are tired of misfired promotions and aren’t afraid to unsubscribe. Try a lighter touch...Read more

Weekly Recap - May 13, 2016

Instagram is making headlines yet again. This week, it is due to the launch of their new logo and app interface update. While most are responding positively to the new interface as it allows for visual content to stand out...Read more

6 things learned at Iconosphere 2016.

“Disrupt yourself!” This was CEB Iconoculture’s Research Director Kate Muhl’s battle cry at the 10 th annual CEB Iconoculture Iconosphere . The challenge was tossed into her welcome and used liberally throughout the two-day conference, where brands and agencies meet...Read more

Why brands that make you go "hmm" are winning big.

When was the last time a brand made you stop and think? It doesn’t happen often. Brands entertain and affirm, but rarely do they provoke and disrupt. Like Coca-Cola’s “ America the Beautiful ” ad, the “ #LikeAGirl ” initiative...Read more


Why Brogan?

Results. Strategic insights that deliver more "aha" moments. Creative that makes an emotional connection. Account service that creates happy clients. And metrics that move your business forward. We guarantee you'll be delighted.

Client Hurrahs

  • Brogan & Partners has worked on a wide variety of health issues for us over the years. They have not only consistently provided innovative ideas and award winning campaigns, but they continue to help us work towards our overall goal of improving the health of Michigan residents.  Their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm makes them an invaluable partner in our... More

  • Hiring Brogan & Partners to help Michigan Women’s Foundation create the brand and messaging around the campaign to raise millions of dollars to solve the backlog of untested rape kits in Detroit was a slam dunk!  With a well-deserved reputation for getting to the heart of complex and highly-charged issues with clear, action-driven communications, the Brogan team... More

  • A well-oiled machine operates at full performance, fluid and unyielding. At Frankenmuth Insurance we have often referred to Brogan & Partners as a well-oiled machine. Our experience with Brogan has been very strong and successful from the start. We view our partners at Brogan as an extension of our own staff. They are readily available to us at any time and deliver... More

  • When launching a startup, resources are very constrained and a startup has to pick its partners very carefully and with deliberation. There were many services that we have had to forego in the early stages of our company, Memloom. One crucial need, however, was identifying and aligning with a strong marketing partner who could help us with our brand, positioning and... More

  • We have been working with the Brogan team for the past 18 months. The Brogan team has truly been our marketing partner. They guided us through development our brand and messaging. They lead our our website redesign and deployment. And they provide excellent counsel on business development and market entry strategies. More

  • From the very first meeting we had with Brogan & Partners, it was clear that they had done their research on PREZIO Health, our competitors and the industry.  It has been  a very positive experience working with the Brogan & Partners team to re-design all of our service and product sheets as well as the total re-design of our website.  Their creativity is top-... More

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