Brogan team straps on wearables for a little healthy competition.

I can’t sit still.

I’m looking for excuses to trek upstairs and parking further away from the office. Yesterday, I marched in place while blowing my hair dry. This morning I cha-cha’d at the stovetop while scrambling eggs. My husband smirks. My daughter rolls her eyes. The cat hides. I double-tap my Fitbit.

All this newfound energy is the direct result of a little healthy competition at work. Ellyn, our managing partner, recently threw down a four-week fitness challenge. Those who log 250,000 steps get a check towards the cost of a Fitbit or similar device. Rack up another 120,000 steps over the following two weeks, cha-ching. Another little bonus. There are also weekly incentives to get us moving to the tune of 70,000 steps a week.

Talk about happy feet.

Turns out, our little office competition is part of a big trend. Corporate services is one of Fitbit’s fastest-growing areas of business. Target, Adobe and BP are using the fitness trackers to help improve employee health and cut down on healthcare costs, according to CEB Iconoculture research.

In Arizona, the Local Government Employee Benefit Trust is banking that increased exercise could lessen their most expensive health issues, according to a story in Nogales International. Workers in six counties will receive Fitbits and meet with medical professionals to better their health.  

As part of its Team Member Wellness Initiative, Target in 2015 provided all U.S. employees with a free or discounted Fitbit and hosted activity challenges to create a healthier corporate community. One team competition rewarded the highest performing teams with a share of $1 million to benefit the local wellness nonprofit of their choice.

Competition doesn’t always bring out the best in people. Some creative Fitbit users are finding ways to rack up steps by attaching them to dogs, power tools and electric fans or even by giving the device a spin in the dryer, according to a recent article in In some instances, cheaters are motivated by prizes. But in other cases it’s simply contestants’ competitive spirit run amuck.

So far, the Brogan Fitbit challenge has sparked a lot of healthy conversation and smart ideas. Like, how about we take this meeting for a walk?

Want to know more about wearables mean for the healthcare industry? Check out our blog “Everything marketers need to know about fitness apps and wearables.”

Brogan: Best of 2015.

In just a few days, we’ll be celebrating the new year. But before we do, we’re celebrating the past year by recapping some of the best campaigns we created with clients in 2015. From TV spots and radio commercials to social media posts and brochures, the team at Brogan had a great year full of brainstorms, collaboration, research and creativity. We had the privilege of working on a lot of great projects, but we narrowed down a list of campaigns that really stood out.

Here’s a look at Brogan’s Best of 2015:

  1. Michigan First Credit Union: 365 Live Campaign

    How did we tell people about Michigan First Credit Union’s one-of-a-kind 24/7/365 call center? With melodramatic dilemmas, slow-motion effects and humor, of course.

  2. ComForCare: Best Life Possible

    ComForCare wanted a brand that would help them stand out among competitors. So we created a campaign featuring elderly patients with a lot of energy and a youthful vibe.  

  3. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services: Colorectal Cancer 

    How do you tell the older men in your life to get a colorectal cancer screening? We stepped up to the challenge with a baseball analogy. Listen to our radio spot to see how the campaign was able to hit a homerun.


  4. Consumers Energy: Generation Genius Campaign 

    Consumers Energy invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in initiatives nurturing the next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) talent. We created an inspiring campaign called Generation Genius that encouraged students, parents and leaders to get involved with STEM-related programs in their communities.


  5. Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter: Blog Launch

    In June, we celebrated Scleroderma Awareness Month by launching a blog for the Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter. Since then, we’ve curated more than 25 blogs with tips, recipes and resources to help individuals who have been affected by Scleroderma.  

  6. Scleroderma Aware: Hard Word Campaign

    Scleroderma is a hard word to pronounce, but it’s an even harder disease to live with. For Scleroderma Awareness Month, we created the Hard Word campaign by implementing social media and blogger outreach strategies. The results? More than 1,400 took the pledge to tell someone about the disease.

  7. Karmanos Cancer Institute: Outdoor Board

    We took a step away from traditional outdoor boards and created an inspiring and hopeful billboard for Karmanos Cancer Institute.

  8. Franciscan Health: Perfectly Human Campaign

    If there are two things we specialize in, it’s women and health. So when Franciscan Health asked us to create a Women’s Health Campaign, we knew exactly what to do. We created an inspiring campaign that reminded women just how amazing their bodies are. 


  9. HoneyBaked Ham: Holiday Lyric Video
    You can’t celebrate the holidays without turning on some holiday music and singing along. This holiday, we helped HoneyBaked create their own special tune by changing the lyrics to “Oh, Christmas Tree.” Can you sing along to HoneyBaked’s song? 


    Oh HoneyBaked

    Sing along. You know the song.

    Posted by The HoneyBaked Ham Company on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

  10. Covenant HealthCare: Advanced Orthopaedics Video

    We also created another musical tune to promote the Covenant Center for Advanced Orthopaedics, using the famous tune from Carmen the Opera. Although we intended for it to be a radio spot only, we decided to take it one step further and created a fun video. 

  11. Frankenmuth Insurance: Frankly Speaking Campaign

    Frankly speaking, insurance advertising shouldn’t be boring. We created an entire brand platform for Frankenmuth, with the campaign themeline “Frankly speaking…” that would really resonate with agents, policyholders and consumers. The campaign included fun internal posters, creative social media visuals and a brand video to showcase the brand’s honest service and values.  

  12. Michigan Women’s Foundation: Enough SAID Campaign

    Earlier this year, the Michigan Women’s Foundation asked us to help create an initiative to end the rape kit backlog in the city of Detroit.  We were privileged to be a part of such a great cause that raised more than $1.3 million dollars in private funds and $8 million dollars in public funds.  Not only was the work was featured in several news outlets, including PRWeek, the front page of the Detroit Free Press and New York Times, but it also won Best in Show in Detroit’s most prestigious advertising awards, The D Show. 

2015 was a great year, full of wonderful opportunities, creative campaigns and amazing clients. Now we’re looking forward to 2016 and we’re ready to put our best foot forward. Stay tuned to see what new campaigns we come up with. We can’t wait to share them with you. 

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Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #26 Brogan Promotions.

Over our 30-year history, Brogan & Partners has spent the majority of that time promoting all of the great clients we’ve had the opportunity to work with… but we’ve always found a little time to promote ourselves, too.

Whether we were hosting a competition for Michigan-based companies to win a complete marketing makeover or hosting a party for all of our media representatives, people have noticed Brogan & Partners the same way people noticed our founder, Marcie Brogan, when she first started the agency.

With her iconic red-rimmed glasses, signature shoulder pads and ingenious ideas, Marcie was larger than life, and she founded an agency that was, too.

What’s your favorite Brogan promotion? Tell us in the comments below.

To see the rest of the 30 Best of Brogan, visit our original post in this series: Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising.

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Brogan honored as Hero of Breast Cancer.

Brogan & Partners was honored last night at the 20th Annual Heroes of Breast Cancer Award ceremony with a philanthropy award for dedicating resources and talent to benefit the breast cancer cause. It was a beautiful and inspiring event presented by the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute. I had the honor of accepting the award on behalf of the agency. My acceptance speech sums up my thoughts and feelings.

Seven years ago, Brogan & Partners created a television spot for one of our healthcare clients. The spot told the story of a young woman who found a lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was this spot that compelled me to do my own breast examination.

I found a lump that soon led to my breast cancer diagnosis. On the first night of that journey, my second phone call was to Marcie Brogan right after I called my own mother.  In the first year, the Brogan Team was consistently there for me. They allowed me work when I felt good and rest when I didn’t feel good. Working at Brogan kept me going through a tough year.  As I neared the end of my surgeries and chemo treatments, I signed up for my first Susan G. Komen 3-Day. Many coworkers joined me, Brogan paid for our team shirts and lots of others supported me with donations. From that first year until today, the Brogan team has continued to support me and so many other women on their breast cancer journeys.   

I am honored to accept this award on behalf of every employee at Brogan & Partners. From lighting the historic Peabody mansion in downtown Birmingham pink during October, to holding fundraisers at the office, to the beautiful writing and promotional materials for the Detroit Race for the Cure, to the sponsorship of the Karmanos Partners event, to attending fundraisers, donating their own money and cheering all the walkers on during the 3-Day, this team is amazing. They are not only my coworkers, they are my friends and my family and I am proud to work with each and every one of them every day.

Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #22 Detroit Convention Bureau.

There’s more to Detroit than the Motor City and Motown. It’s a city filled with history and hope, full of promise, potential and great stuff to do.

At the turn of the millennium, the Detroit Convention Bureau wanted everyone to know what we knew. They wanted to remind people that Detroit was still a great place to live, be and visit. So, that’s exactly what we did.

Our copywriters went to work—compiling lists of reasons why people should visit Detroit. We brainstormed with our media and creative teams, attempting to find the best way to get the message across. We executed a few ideas internally. But ultimately, we ended where we began: with the initial list of reasons.

There were so many great reasons why people should visit Detroit, we thought the best way to point them out was to literally point them out, so we created a bulleted list of 15 reasons appearing as a print ad for all to see. And today, years after the campaign, about 15.9 million people visit Metro Detroit annually, which is just one of the reasons we’re so proud of it.

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Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #17 MDCH Women’s Health – Happy Pap Day.

Some of life’s most precious moments are the ones that happen once a year. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Christmas. Valentine’s Day. And then there’s your once-a-year scheduled pap test. It’s not exactly “precious,” but it’s definitely just as important.

In 2005, research showed that more than 400 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year in Michigan. This could eventually lead to death if not detected or treated in time. In response, the Michigan Department of Community Health wanted to get the word out about the importance of a pap test. Getting a pap test once a year could lead to early detection of cervical cancer, which could be treated and cured.

Brogan conducted focus groups research and found that woman had an overall low understanding and familiarity when it came to cervical cancer. This reinforced the importance of promoting awareness. And we did just that—with a cake, some candles, and a Happy Pap Day song.

The catchy tune served as a trigger to remind women to schedule a pap test each year.  And it worked. During a focus group session, a woman commented, “The song will keep it on my mind because it’s easy to relate to and remember... This is the first one that makes me want to call my doctor because it’s related to your birthday; it’s subliminal—another year of your life, so get your pap smear.” We got the message out and added songwriting to our resume. Now that’s something worth celebrating.

What other marketing to women campaigns for healthcare do you remember seeing? To see the rest of the 30 Best of Brogan, visit our original post in this series: Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising.

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Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #14 Joe Ricci Automotive.

What kind of image comes to mind when you think of car dealers? Exactly, not a good one. But Joe Ricci is a very different kind of car dealer. He is known for being a good guy and his customers raved about him. So when it came to branding his three dealerships (which each sold different brand cars) we made Joe the brand with the idea “He’s a good Joe.” Using customer testimonials and Joe as a humble spokesperson, the television, radio, print and point of sale played up this differentiator, which stood out like a yellow Corvette in a lot of gray minivans amidst the cutthroat competition of car dealerships. Under the Good Joe campaign, the Joe Ricci Automotive Group saw a 25% sales increase, a 500% increase to their 1-800 number, and the PR campaign drove more buzz with earned exposure in newspapers on the radio. The campaign was a good jumping off point to leverage all the good deeds Joe did in the community.

Even though it had a very modest budget, the “Good Joe” campaign is a great example of how a big brand idea can deliver the goods for clients. It’s the kind of creative, result-driven advertising we are proud to consistently deliver to our clients in southeastern Michigan. To see the rest of the 30 Best of Brogan, visit our original post in this series: Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising.

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The ultimate #tbt: Brogan & Partners celebrates 30 years of magic.

On July 24, Brogan & Partners celebrated its 30th birthday with current and former employees, past and present clients, friends, family and agency admirers. People came from everywhere—from California to down the street—to reunite, reminisce and reflect on how the agency impacted their lives. In the hours spent at the party, stories were told, speeches were made and pictures were taken. There was laughter, tears and excited screams, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to have a spot in the Brogan family.

As a new employee who has been lucky enough to experience the magic that is Brogan & Partners for the last few months, I already feel like part of the family—a part of something bigger than myself—and I think that says a lot about the agency. It’s a special place—built on a big dream and a lot of determination from our founder, Marcie Brogan, and her first partner, Anna Kabot (who made it to the party to celebrate with us!). Perhaps my favorite story was Marcie telling us that when her and Anna decided to start the agency, then called Brogan Kabot, the two of them were set up at a folding table, ready to take on the advertising world. And that’s exactly what they did.

Thirty years later, the agency has become a place that fosters creativity and innovation—making for a creative history that knocks most peoples’ socks off (thanks in large part to our creative directors over the years: Anna, Bonnie Folster and Laurie Hix).

Thirty years later, the agency has built a family of employees who not only embody our five core values, but who instantly fall in love with the agency and become determined to see it succeed. Whether these employees leave for another agency or simply take time off from the industry, they always seem to find their way back to Brogan—proving there’s something so irresistibly special about it. And those employees who have yet to leave can’t imagine doing so—finding themselves just as happy with their work as they were on their start date. (And of course, we have our CEO and managing partner to thank for that. Thank you to: Maria Marcotte and Ellyn Davidson!)

Thirty years later, the agency has worked with almost 100 clients who have given us the opportunity to research, manage, write and create. They’ve given us projects and campaigns that challenge us to think outside the box—to step outside of our comfort zones. They’ve trusted our intuition and let us share in their success, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

And with only these few months under my belt, I already feel forever grateful to Brogan & Partners—the place that keeps me and those long before me feeling inspired, intelligent, driven and creative. The place where I can learn from those who already know so much. The place where I can be surrounded by supportive coworkers all wishing each other success. And the place where I can only hope to spend the next 30 years.

Happy Birthday Brogan, and thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

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Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #1 Keep the best players on the bench.

Marcie Brogan has always had a passion for politics. It was evident even way back in the beginning of the agency with the iconic campaign for the Oakland Circuit Court Judges Re-election. Five judges already sitting on the bench were up for re-election and the committee to Re-elect Judges Templin, Andrews, Schnelz, LaPlata and Mester had Brogan come up with a cost effective and high impact multi-media campaign. The clever campaign, with the memorable line “Keep the Best Players on the Bench” featured the judges like baseball players. It was a home run, resulting in the re-election of all five judges by their widest margins ever. And the extra media attention we scored was a big hit as well. This campaign won many creative awards, including an Emmy.

This little campaign did big things for the creative start-up Brogan Kabot. It showed how two creative women could play in the big leagues, making big creative plays just like the big ad agencies they came from.  Do you remember this campaign?

To see the rest of the 30 Best of Brogan, visit our original post in this series: Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising.

Judges of the Oakland County Circuit Court

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Brogan & Partners is getting hideous.

It’s not yet Halloween, but if you’re anything like us you’re already anxiously anticipating the holiday season. The treats, the quality time with family and friends, the ugly holiday sweater parties…

But thanks to the upcoming Hideous Holiday Sweater Run, you don’t have to wait another month to kick off the holiday season.

HHSR Banner

On Saturday, November 9, Team Brogan & Partners and hundreds of other unfashionable runners will be enjoying a scenic 5K or 1-mile run or walk through Kensington Metro Park. Not only will there be prizes for the most hideous sweaters, but there will be free beer samples from Witch’s Hat Brewing Company, soup from Zoup!, a photographer to capture your anti-fashion statements and plenty of sweet treats and goodies for the whole family. And in true holiday spirit, Forgotten Harvest will be there to collect canned goods for those in need.

While we’re looking forward to dressing silly and running around a beautiful park, it’s not the only reason we’re looking forward to this event. We’re excited for the Hideous Holiday Sweater Run because all the proceeds from the event will go to our fabulous client, the Scleroderma Foundation’s Michigan Chapter. Scleroderma is a chronic, autoimmune disease – which means it is a condition in which the body’s immune system attacks its own tissue. It’s a devastating disease with no known cause and no known cure – YET. That’s why this event is so important. By registering for the Hideous Holiday Sweater Run not only will you be participating in a fun, memorable event, but you will help stimulate research and support scleroderma patients and their families. After all, isn’t helping others what the holiday season is all about?

Register today, and if you can’t make the run, help support team Brogan & Partners.

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Hideous.

Brogan & Partners featured for our mistake of the month.

I just finished reading “Start Something That Matters” written by founder of TOMS shoes Blake Mycoskie. I picked up the book after learning that Brogan & Partners was featured in a call-out box. Blake recognized us for our long-standing tradition of honoring mistake of the month with a $50 reward. Each month at our agency meeting, while celebrating our hero of the month and our BVP (Brogan Values Perfectionista), we also share the mistake of the month. The only rule—you have to nominate yourself. Celebrating mistake of the month has helped contribute to our open and honest culture while also helping others to avoid making the same mistakes.

This is just one of the many traditions that makes our company truly great. When I walked in the doors 18 years ago, I never dreamt that I’d be working for the same company today but what I’ve found inside our walls is a spirit and an energy that inspires me every day. Whether it’s helping a company with a branding reboot, building a snowman for the Friendship Circle, raising money for breast cancer, walking for the Rainbow Connection or holding a party to benefit FORCE, our Board of Directors and employees are continuously thinking about how they can make a difference in this world. In our day to day worlds, we are working with our clients to make a difference in their companies—some of which we’ve worked with for over 20 years. This year we celebrated our 27th year in business and we are looking forward to the next 27 years. Big thanks to our clients, friends, neighbors and employees who are the reason we are able to continue doing great work. Wishing all of you much success in 2012 and beyond.

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The new faces of breast cancer awareness advertising.



Many years ago, we created these ads for the Michigan Department of Community Health.  The ads were focused on women 40 and over and they were great.  We ran them for many years, turned them into posters and got great results.  In general, breast cancer awareness advertising was focused on women 40+.  This age group has the highest diagnosis of breast cancer so certainly from a targeting stand point, it made sense.

One month ago Deborah Wasserman Schultz introduce the EARLY Act.  The bill calls for $9 million dollars a year from 2010 to 2014 aimed at breast cancer education for women under 40 and physicians.  Each year over 10,000 women under 40 are diagnosed with breast cancer--many don't realize they are at risk and therefore their cancers tend to be caught at a later stage.  In addition, breast cancer in younger women tends to be more aggressive.  1,000 of these women will die making breast cancer the leading cause of cancer death in women under 40.

I thank Deborah Wasserman Schultz, a fellow survivor, for bringing this to the table.  Pretty soon we may be seeing some new faces in breast cancer awareness advertising and my hope is that the faces will look more like these.


This is me--diagnosed at age 36


My friend Melissa--diagnosed at age 36


My friend Pam--diagnosed at age 34


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