Creative social marketing example #14: Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Laurie Hix 11/06/09 - 12:00 pm

“This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” Was there even anti-drug advertising before this memorable spot hit our TV sets in the 80’s? The mother to all PSA’s, this spot has been quoted, copied, spoofed, and lives on in our pop culture.  To replay in our social consciousness without paid media, now that is effective social marketing. My favorite of the original versions was the heroine spot below from 1988. And also another classic spot is the one where the dad confronts his son in his bedroom about his weed.  “Who taught you how to do this stuff?”, the dad asks.  The son screams, “You alright! I learned it by watching you!”  Talk about a parental guilt trip. And now a new generation is watching these psa’s on youtube. Decades ago the partnership laid the foundation for the future of social marketing and they are still going strong.

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This blog post is #14 in the series, 21 creative social marketing examples.

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