Ladies’ Home Journal—Marketing to women with “real” women.

Ellyn Davidson 02/03/12 - 2:30 pm

Many print publications are employing save-our-ship tactics these days. The latest is Ladies’ Home Journal. The magazine has announced that it will now buy its content from “real women” as opposed to professional journalists.

As a reader, I have plenty of questions about this move. Will the quality of the writing plummet? Or, will a new generation of talented millennials (who can’t get journalism jobs to save their lives) start spinning superb prose for LHJ, giving it renewed energy? Only time will tell.

As a marketing expert, I’m more certain of my opinion about this development—I think it’s a good thing.

Savvy readers know that in women’s glossies, there’s a lot of back-scratching between the advertising and editorial departments. With “real” women writing about products like clothes, food and make-up, I think I’ll have more confidence that their opinions are genuine and independent.  

“So, why would I buy a magazine to get word-of-mouth dish from a quasi-girlfriend,” you might ask, “when there are thousands of online bloggers who will give it to me for free?”

I have two answers for you.

WiFi is not available the world over. When I’m at my kids’ sports practices, in a doctor’s waiting room, or on a plane (at least during ascent and descent) I’m wireless. And to the tell the truth, sometimes I like it that way. I’m just (just, mind you) old enough to occasionally prefer my dish on paper. I don’t think I’m alone. As much as I adore the internet, I think we all need a break from it now and then.

Editors. There are some amazing bloggers out there, but they’re generally self-edited. And anybody can tell you that if you want a publication with a strong point of view and high quality control, you need professional editors. Ladies’ Home Journal has got ’em, and that gives advertisers and marketers a strong platform to work from. It also makes LHJ an intriguing new hybrid medium that just might catch on. 

The new version of Ladies’ Home Journal launches in March. I certainly plan to check out this game changer. How about you?  

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