How Renown Health created a renowned senior loyalty program.

Julia Mastropaolo 11/10/21 - 10:01 pm

How Renown Health created a renowned senior loyalty program.

If you didn’t get the chance to attend the SHSMD webinar today entitled “Pivoting from COVID-19 – Navigating the Road to Normal,” below are my key takeaways on the success of Renown Health’s Sterling Silver Club:

  1. “Don’t translate what you think the customer wants, but what they actually want,” advised Suzanne Hendery, Renown Health Chief Marketing & Customer Experience Officer. From the club name to programming to how older adults want to consume communication, this successful program has the target audience’s stamp of approval across the entire consumer journey. Renown’s “ask the customer first” (and keep rechecking) approach has transformed her team beyond “just being in the marketing department” to understanding the whole personalized journey.
  2. “No older adults are left behind” is the Renown Health Sterling Silver Club approach, which entails five personas from the healthier “Engaged and Locally Active” and “Rural Adventurers” to senior-housing heavy “Homebound and Stationery.” Programming including chair yoga, nature walks, meditation and cooking classes complement each segment via their stated interests. The segments appear to be on target, as their two most recent events were totally booked in just an hour!
  3. “Renown has excelled in truly human interaction and commitment to edutainment,” espoused Linda MacCracken, Accenture Principal Director. In addition to popular events and a 20% club enrollment increase last year, this has resulted in positively impacting performance. This includes a 90% member encounter rate with the system; an 11% member increase in primary care visits (even with the pandemic); a doubling of member virtual visits; and 40% of members accessing Renown’s drive-thru vaccine site over the past year. This positive interaction and relationship-building is critical in combating what can happen without interaction, explained MacCracken. Accenture research indicates that 48% of seniors having a negative health care experience will risk “next time” care, with 35% willing to switch providers.
  4. “I was surprised to learn how digitally engaged our older adults are,” explained Torri DellaRocca, Renown Senior Marketing Business Partner. Serving as the front-liner to club members, Torri deploys health engagement for older adults via web, social media, videos and more. She also builds strong personal relationships with members, including ambassadors who are featured in marketing materials and help with program design. While in-person events are making their way back, hybrid events provide opportunity for a widespread content library that can be repurposed and shared digitally.
  5. “It’s the same recipe for any special loyalty club,” encouraged Hendery. Due to the success and popularity of the Sterling Senior Club, Renown is receiving requests for additional specialized clubs, from new parents to veterans. Their plan? Take the same recipe and apply it to future segments as programming bandwidth allows, always listening first, and always with the goal to help people improve their health.
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