How we kept ComForCare's image from getting old.




ComForCare, an established provider of home health care, was faced with increased competition as many new providers entered the market. ComForCare needed a way to stand out from the crowd. They came to Brogan to help them develop a brand platform that communicated their core strengths and differentiated their brand from their competitors.


Working with ComForCare’s home office and some key franchisees, Brogan did research to articulate the ComForCare brand story. After conducting a competitive analysis, we interviewed and surveyed franchise owners from around the country, as well as ComForCare clients. Next we worked closely with the key franchisee brand advisory committee to develop a strategic marketing plan. Finally, we created a new logo, branding and promotional materials, and two TV spots.  Since most of their competitors’ spots had a serious, even somber tone, we took a different tack: fun, lighthearted spots featuring elderly ComForcare patients with a lot of energy and personality. 

At ComForCare’s annual meeting, attended by most of their franchisees, the new branding materials received a standing ovation.

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