Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Pressing parents to protect children from preventable diseases.

Michigan’s childhood immunization rate is among the nation’s worst. Misinformation about vaccines has exacerbated the problem. This has left Michigan kids vulnerable for diseases that had almost been eradicated in the U.S. by vaccine. We collaborated with our PR partner Martin Waymire to connect with parents at the most primal level—their need to protect their children.

When Brogan started working on the public health education campaign to help parents protect their kids form vaccine-preventable diseases, 65 percent of Michigan children aged 19 to 35 months received the recommended doses of vaccines. By 2018, the percentage of vaccinated children had increased to 70.4 percent, (CDC, National Immunization Survey, Child).

Percentage of children vaccinated

2015: 65%
2016: 67.6%
2017: 70.7%
2018: 70.4%