Health Alliance Plan (HAP)

Connecting consumers to the right health plan.

HAP knows that healthcare can be confusing. To help consumers make the best choice, the health plan offers lots of resources. They hired Brogan to create and implement a digital strategy to reach and compel Medicare, individual and group consumers to consider HAP’s expertise and benefits. The rigorous digital plan appeals to consumer values, notably security, confidence and discovery. Gamification and retargeting are among the tactics employed to nurture prospects from awareness to conversion.

Leads generated: 117% of goal



Giving mom a health plan that comes with a guide.

We worked with HAP to position HAP Empowered as the preferred Medicaid and Healthy Michigan Plan provider in key competitive markets. The creative strategy is grounded in the brand’s commitment to listen and help guide mom to the healthcare resources her family needs without hassle or hesitation. The media mix considers mom’s hectic schedule and multi-tasking efficiency, finding her throughout the day and seizing rare me-time moments.