Henry Ford Health System

Making healthcare especially personal, “All For You.”

Having just launched a new brand campaign, “All For You,” Henry Ford Health System wanted to extend the campaign into each clinical service line. As the agency of record, Brogan & Partners was tasked with integrating the branding system-wide across multiple channels.

A Game Changer for Sports Medicine

As the only fully-integrated sports medicine program in Michigan, Henry Ford’s team has the competitive edge. They treat the whole athlete, head-to-toe, across clinical disciplines from injury to prevention to performance conditioning. To reach both elite student athletes and weekend warriors, we created a storyline that combined the two, tapping into that powerful, emotional connection that exists between parent and child on the field. To demonstrate Henry Ford’s passion for individualized and innovative treatment, our creative highlighted their advanced state-of-the-art motion analysis technology. With great client teamwork, we carried this theme through with the launch of the Henry Ford Center for Athletic Medicine. It was a win‑win.

Connecting cancer patients to treatments tailored to their DNA.

As a national leader in Precision Medicine, Henry Ford can precisely target a patient’s treatment using their tumor’s exact DNA. Our research found that even though Precision Medicine is a new concept for consumers, they knew enough to prefer the approach to treat cancer. Together, we asserted Henry Ford’s prowess in the emerging science, boosting brand equity by association to further distinguish the brand in the market.

Finding new pathways of hope.

Henry Ford is pioneering new treatments that are increasing the quality of life for even the most vulnerable heart patients. Using 4D imaging and 3D printing, they’re able to personalize heart treatments specifically to your anatomy. And while the technology isn’t necessary for all procedures, it’s proof of the system’s commitment to individualized patient care and innovation.

The experts who get you back in the game.

When Henry Ford became the official team physicians of the Detroit Pistons, we invited fans to get in the game, too. Because you don’t have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of Henry Ford’s top talent. Henry Ford treats every patient, whether Piston or painter, basketballer or banker, like an all-star.

Brogan is Michigan’s healthcare marketing leader.