How we helped Belly Bandit belly up to some big opportunities.


The Caden Companies, Inc. DBA Belly Bandit


The Belly Bandit was a hot-selling product for new moms, available in boutique stores. Now, they had the opportunity to expand into big box retailers like Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us. Big plans to expand their product line to include control and support apparel for before, during and after pregnancy required them to take a closer look at their logo and package design. It needed a "lift."


Brogan & Partners helped Belly Bandit develop a new logo, tagline and packaging design. The modular packaging design easily extends to new products, allowing Belly Bandit to maintain a strong brand image as the company grows. The expanded Belly Bandit line of products was successfully introduced into Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby with all-new packaging. Additionally, Brogan aided in a website design (their products are also available online). Now pregnant and postpartum bellies across the country (as well as Belly Bandit’s brand identity) have been given a stylish lift.

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