How Brogan scored high in math & science for STEM.


National Education Defense Project: STEM


The National Center for Education Statistics reported that significant numbers of U.S. students are severely behind in basic mathematical skills and science. Our students fall below the international average for 21 countries. The result? Fewer college degrees in math and science. Yet these areas are where the US Department of Labor expects the fastest growing occupations for the near future. To successfully compete for these jobs tomorrow, today’s students need to acquire significant math and science skills.


Talk to parents of children from pre-K through 12th grade. Make them aware of the issue. Engage them. Where? In their living rooms. The agency produced a lighthearted TV commercial featuring young children in a job interview situation, stating their dubious job qualifications (e.g., “I like chipmunks”). The more serious underlying message? There’s still time to get them qualified for these new careers—get started now.

The spot garnered an overwhelmingly positive response; in addition to its TV time, the spot was shared spontaneously on social media and at conferences as well.

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