How we broke the news of Michigan's broken infrastructure.


Fix MI State (MITA)


Michigan's infrastructure was recently given a grade of "D" in a national report. While Michigan's residents and elected leaders are aware of the poor state of Michigan's roads and bridges, they don't know the full scope of the state's other infrastructure issues, and the threat they pose to the health and safety of Michigan citizens.

The Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association (MITA) wanted Michigan voters to learn more about both the negative consequences of continued inaction, and the positive benefits of infrastructure improvement.


Brogan developed a website,, as well as hard-hitting videos that featured real Michigan residents describing the full extent of Michigan’s infrastructure crisis. Native advertising, public relations and social media (with our partner, Martin Waymire) drove people to the website to learn more and sign up for a newsletter on the state's infrastructure issues.

The campaign, combined with direct lobbying from MITA, scored an important advocacy victory: On June 14, 2017, the legislature agreed to not only restore the originally proposed $20 million to the Michigan Infrastructure Fund, they appropriated an additional $15 million for the fund. Nearly 600 people contacted lawmakers to voice their opinions, and the campaign generated 3 million ad impressions, over 22,000 link clicks and 33,000 views of the video.

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