Giving a voice to forgotten victims of rape.


When Michigan Women Forward needed to raise awareness and funding to test and prosecute more than 11,000 unopened, untested rape kits in Detroit, they came to Brogan for help. Brogan branded the initiative Enough SAID—Enough Sexual Assault in Detroit—and developed a digital platform to collect donations.

Raising awareness and funds for justice.

The campaign sparked action from people in 45 states and eight countries, raising enough money to test and begin prosecuting the immense backlog of neglected cases.

  • $1.5 Million Private Donations
  • $10 Million Public Funding
  • 765 Suspects Discovered
“We have to give justice to these women, and crimes against women have to count. This is such a passionate cause and it pulls on people’s heart strings. We’ve had donations from $5 to $500,000. We couldn’t have gotten here without Brogan.”
-Peg Tallet, Michigan Women Forward
“It is a creative work, but the cause is extraordinary. We’re always proud of the work we do, but most proud when the work we do does good.”
-Ellyn Davidson, president of Brogan & Partners