Tami Marinello

Associate, Corporate Support Specialist

"Corporate Support Specialist" does not adequately describe Tami's role at Brogan & Partners. Perhaps a better description would be "Whine Expert." "Tami, why is it so cold in here?" "Tami, when is the agency meeting?" "Tami, why are there no cookies/chips/granola bars/yogurts in the kitchen?" Tami fields all our plaintive entreaties with the patience of a doting mother, while she also handles accounts payable and accounts receivable. She also regularly boosts company morale with fun lunch events and company "theme" days.

Tami is no stranger to the juggling act. At her previous position at Lucido Fine Jewelry, she created an inventory control department, set up software, purchased merchandise, trained staff and dealt with customers. And she’s a mother of three and grandmother of two (which explains how she deals with our whining so placidly).

Despite her endless reserves of patience, Tami’s no pushover. She spends much of her spare time knocking the cover off softballs with her Senior Travel Softball team. She's even competed in the Senior Olympics. Of course, we always knew she was a great catch.

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Today’s trend for shoppers is the term ‘Shoptimization’ or in laymen terms, optimizing your shopping time and shopping budget. With so many choices available in today's marketplace, shoppers are beginning to realize that...

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Client Hurrahs

  • Brogan & Partners has worked on a wide variety of health issues for us over the years. They have not only consistently provided innovative ideas and award winning campaigns, but they continue to help us work towards our overall goal of improving the health of Michigan residents.  Their creativity, expertise, and enthusiasm makes them an invaluable partner in our... More

  • Hiring Brogan & Partners to help Michigan Women’s Foundation create the brand and messaging around the campaign to raise millions of dollars to solve the backlog of untested rape kits in Detroit was a slam dunk!  With a well-deserved reputation for getting to the heart of complex and highly-charged issues with clear, action-driven communications, the Brogan team... More

  • A well-oiled machine operates at full performance, fluid and unyielding. At Frankenmuth Insurance we have often referred to Brogan & Partners as a well-oiled machine. Our experience with Brogan has been very strong and successful from the start. We view our partners at Brogan as an extension of our own staff. They are readily available to us at any time and deliver... More

  • When launching a startup, resources are very constrained and a startup has to pick its partners very carefully and with deliberation. There were many services that we have had to forego in the early stages of our company, Memloom. One crucial need, however, was identifying and aligning with a strong marketing partner who could help us with our brand, positioning and... More

  • We have been working with the Brogan team for the past 18 months. The Brogan team has truly been our marketing partner. They guided us through development our brand and messaging. They lead our our website redesign and deployment. And they provide excellent counsel on business development and market entry strategies. More

  • From the very first meeting we had with Brogan & Partners, it was clear that they had done their research on PREZIO Health, our competitors and the industry.  It has been  a very positive experience working with the Brogan & Partners team to re-design all of our service and product sheets as well as the total re-design of our website.  Their creativity is top-... More

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