Sean Fitzgerald

Sean Fitzgerald

Social Media Specialist

There is a secret to Sean’s effectiveness as an Account Coordinator. It’s not just his degree in Advertising and Public Relations, his extensive community involvement, or his experience with public speaking. The secret is this: Sean just loves people.

Okay, maybe that’s not such a big secret—a few minutes with Sean will tell you that. But it is why he devoted a year to serving students of Grand Valley State with University Christian Outreach. It’s why he was able to raise $27,500 for the organization, meeting face-to-face with donors and inspiring them to give.

Sean worked as an intern for the Governor’s office, volunteered for an initiative to end sexual assault on college campuses, and then…made his way to Brogan for an interview. And there’s nothing Brogan & Partners loves better than a smart, dedicated people person.

One more secret about Sean: besides people, he also loves whiskey. He makes it and ages it himself at home. And then, of course, he shares it with all his coworkers. Right, Sean?

Why Brogan?

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