How we raised awareness of the dangers of drunk driving by 360 degrees.




The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP)'s mission is to save lives and reduce injuries on Michigan roads. Its nationally-recognized Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign has proven effective over the years at raising the awareness of drunk driving, but OHSP wanted to refresh the messaging and storytelling to better reach their target audience, young males of drinking age.


To better engage young men, Brogan used an interactive approach. We created a 360-degree video set in a Michigan bar, which encouraged viewers to guess which of the fictional bar patrons would be the one to make the deadly decision to drive drunk. Using the 360-degree virtual reality technology, viewers could see any location in the bar throughout the video. At the end of the interactive experience, a host revealed the truth about the drunk driver. Viewers were then encouraged to make a 360-degree plan for their own evenings out, considering all parts of their evening: how they would get to their destination, who would come along, and how they would get home. 

The interactive, 360-degree approach allowed the audience to be a more active participant in the video and internalize how they might handle a situation they probably encounter on a regular basis. A traditional TV and radio spot were also created, giving viewers a preview of the 360-degree experience and providing a link to the complete video online.


The campaign was highly successful at reaching the intended audience:

  • The campaign generated 33,193,116 impressions across platforms, 10,700,000 on cross-screen digital including desktop, mobile, table, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Connected TV had a video completion rate of 90 percent.
  • Snapchat averaged 7.8 seconds per view, outperforming a previous OHSP campaign that received just 1.2 seconds per view.
  • Mobile 360 expandable video received 29,954 clicks and the 360-video published on the OHSP Facebook page had over 81,000 views.
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