How we made Consumers Energy's genius idea even smarter.


Consumers Energy


Consumers Energy has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in initiatives promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in the schools, including sponsorship of Michigan’s FIRST Robotics program. They wanted to make their customers aware of their efforts, and encourage them to get involved with robotics and STEM-related programs in their communities, too.


Brogan interviewed eight key individuals within Consumers Energy and Michigan FIRST Robotics. Then we developed a strategic marketing plan, a well-rounded media plan, and a name for the program—The Generation Genius Project. We created an inspiring video that features middle-school students repeatedly failing and then finally succeeding with math and science projects, while a voiceover (also a young student) describes the nature of genius. We also created a microsite, posters, digital ads and T-shirts for robotics teams.

The efforts were received extremely well at the FIRST Robotics State Competition and at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

"Great, great work!!  The commercial made an impact – we had a customer call right away asking how they could get their middle school engaged." --Carolyn Bloodworth, Director of Corporate Giving at Consumers Energy

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