How we helped Michigan families get wise to the Healthy Kids Dental program.


Delta Dental of Michigan - Healthy Kids Dental


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, in partnership with Delta Dental of Michigan, initiated Healthy Kids Dental, a program to help improve the dental health of over 800,000 Medicaid-enrolled children across the state. In recent years, the program was expanded to include new counties and serve the entire state and as a result, many families were unaware of the program.


Leveraging a fun concept featuring the “Wisdom Tooth,” Brogan created a targeted multimedia campaign to raise awareness and increase utilization of Healthy Kids Dental. Media tactics included mobile media, social media across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, print ads, and transit advertising. In addition, posters and take-one brochures were distributed to primary care and pediatrician’s offices as well as pharmacies throughout the state. Additional materials were provided to Healthy Kids Dental providers to educate eligible patients on the program and its benefits.  

The mobile campaign received over nine million impressions and 67,000 clicks. The landing page launched in October, and in November there were almost 20,000 page visits.

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