How our kids sing the darndest things.


Michigan Department of Health and Human Services


Parents smoking around children is a deadly serious issue. Our target audience is parents of children, specifically mothers and pregnant women. With a small budget and a very specific audience, we wanted to motivate smokers to pick up the phone to call the Michigan Department of Community Health’s Michigan Tobacco Quitline.


Research shows that the number one motivator for people to quit smoking is the negative impact on the health of their children. Even though most smokers are aware that secondhand smoke is harmful, it’s motivating to remind parents of the hazard and give them a free and effective resource to help them quit.

For this campaign, our creative director took an old, classic, public domain song "Secondhand Rose" and re-wrote the lyrics from a child's perspective. An engaging youngster outlines for parents the dangers of secondhand smoke. Working within our budget, we were able to produce a memorable longer-format YouTube video that has been hugely successful with more than 130,000 views and counting. The Quitline received 874 calls, including a significant number of pregnant women, an important part of the target audience. We supported this with radio media as well.

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