Brogan & Partners get clues to solve mystery of company outing.

[Birmingham, MI] - Employees of Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing are busy racking their brains, trying to figure out clues that will tell them where their quarterly Mystery trip will be. Last week, clues on where they are going began circling the office email, with a new one coming each day.

"We've been doing Mystery Trips for 20 years," said Brogan Managing Partner Scott Werner. "We have four per year - three half-day local outings and one four-day, out-of-state or country trip, all designed to create a bonding experience for our employees." According to Werner, employees in both the Michigan office and in the North Carolina office participate in separate local Mystery Trips, while both offices combine for the four-day trip.

Turns out this Mystery Trip is to the Detroit Opera House to see "Wicked," the untold story of the witches of "Oz," directed by 2003 and 2004 Tony award-winning director, Joe Mantello.

Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing, established in 1984, specializes in advertising, PRIZM®-based media, public relations, healthcare marketing, and digital and diversity marketing. The firm has offices in Metro Detroit and Raleigh, service offices in Washington D.C. and Florida and an affiliate in Chicago.

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Brogan & Partners solve mystery.

Detroit, Mich. - April 20, 2005- What do Drano, Lady Macbeth and the country that originated golf have in common? They are all clues to the Brogan & Partners' quarterly mystery trip. After several weeks of speculation 43 members of the Brogan & Partners team got their answer at Detroit Metropolitan Airport on April 7. Sealed envelopes containing the tickets were distributed. The mystery was solved and Amsterdam was the secret destination.

"I can't believe it, this is amazing," said Southfield resident Ennis McGee, Office Manager at Brogan & Partners, " I try not to guess, if you do it'll drive you crazy. It's more fun to let everybody else speculate." Brogan's creative hints were not as easy as they seemed. Guesses ranged from Seattle and Vancouver to Scotland and a few employees correctly guessed Amsterdam. "I like to make the hints difficult, it's not a mystery trip if everybody knows where we're going before we get to the airport," said Marcie Brogan, Brogan & Partners managing partner.

Brogan & Partners has a long-standing tradition of treating employees to surprise mystery trips four times a year. In addition to the four-day, out-of-state trip, or in this case, an out-of-country adventure, employees enjoy three half-day local surprise outings. According to Brogan, "We work very hard to make this a fun place to work. We expect great things from our people and mystery trips are just one of the many unique ways we say thank you."

Haven't figured out the clues yet? Drano clears clogs and clogs are worn in Holland. As for the country that originated golf, the Netherlands has the earliest written documentation on golf as a sport; the document dates from the 1200s, and the word golf is derived from a Dutch word. As for the Lady Macbeth clue, "Out, damn'd spot!" is Lady Macbeth's most famous line -- dams are important water management systems for Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing, established in 1984, specializes in marketing, advertising, PRIZM®-based media planning/buying, public relations, customer and prospect research, web-site development, online marketing, diversity marketing, and publications. The firm has offices in Detroit, Michigan and Cary, North Carolina, as well as affiliate offices in Chicago, Illinois and Washington D.C. Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing has been voted One of the Best Places to Work, a Workplace of Tomorrow, and a High-Performance Workplace.

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