Julia Mastropaolo

Partner, Healthcare Director

It should come as no surprise that after years of experience in healthcare, Julia has acquired a terrific bedside manner. Her very aura projects, “There, there. Everything’s going to be just fine.” And it is. Julia’s focus and strategic marketing acumen, her media savvy and use of research gives her a unique perspective on where the strongest marketing opportunities are for our healthcare clients. She’s an expert in conducting extensive marketing audits and research, creating marketing communications plans and leading client branding efforts.

During her time at Brogan, Julia has been responsible for almost every healthcare organization, hospital and healthcare system that the agency has partnered with. Her significant successes are why she now directs strategic marketing planning and account services for all agency healthcare clients under our healthcare division.

Before Brogan, Julia operated her own healthcare marketing consulting business. Prior to that, she worked as a media planner and account executive for Lawler Ballard Advertising. She’s also worn the client's shoes—having served as the Director of Marketing for Baystate Medical Center, a 900-bed hospital in Springfield, Mass.

Julia graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in advertising and graphic design.

When she's not working, Julia enjoys yoga, watercolor painting and just about anything she can do outside. And she conducts focus groups at home with her physician husband, Marc.

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