The proof behind Brogan’s True Results Process.

Our job as your marketing partner is to tap into your brand’s authenticity to relate to your target audience in a meaningful and sustainable way.

We start with a deep dive into your marketing assets, channels, strategic and operational plan, analytics and competitive space. We do a brand immersion experience and use empathy mapping and other exercises to create the buyer’s journey. We combine this information with insights about your target audience gleaned from proven resources—Scarborough Research, eMarketing, Insider Intelligence and our own proprietary Brogan Talks to Women Panel—to craft strategies and creative concepts that will bring your brand to life. When prudent, we design, deploy and analyze qualitative and quantitative studies.

After testing and refining, we work from the inside out. We help convert employees to brand advocates and leaders to zealots, then launch to your external audience. Monitoring, measuring and optimizing to ensure we maximize results for every media dollar you spend. Finally, to ensure your branding is consistent within all your marketing communications, we create brand standards to make sure every communication (whether we create it or your internal marketing department creates it) is in one voice.

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Why Brogan?

We offer a superior level of strategic marketing expertise with proven success. We believe in break-through creative that emotionally connects. We are convergent marketers, creating integrated, multi-media campaigns that deliver results. We guarantee you'll be delighted.