PR wrote the book on influencer marketing.

Long before there was social media, PR was building brand credibility and managing brand reputation. Today PR remains a crucial part of the marketing mix, working long-game strategies to win consumers and influence influencers. Because of our great respect for PR, we’ve taken great care to partner with one of Michigan’s most reputable PR firms—Martin Waymire.

Combine our marketing expertise with the proven public relations prowess of Martin Waymire and you have a team that you can trust to deliver. As one of the top public relations firms in Michigan, Martin Waymire has earned the respect of hundreds of clients and ours as well. They have a passion for creating and managing award-winning PR and advocacy campaigns that make Michigan a better place. And they share our passion for winning results. Together we deliver decades worth of experience, deep insight into issues affecting Michigan, and a track record of success.

Meet our PR partners

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