Does your brand need a boost?

Is your brand connecting with your target audience? Maybe it’s time for a brand refresh. Torn between a brand extension and a sub-brand? We’ll help you make the right decision. Great brands evolve. They flex and grow with evolving consumer needs and wants. They’re routinely tested so that they can stand the test of time.

When your vision is bigger than your brand.

Michigan Women’s Foundation had long outgrown its brand name, earning national attention for eliminating social and economic barriers that stymie women’s progress. The influential women’s organization demanded a brand name that was as transformative as its vision for Michigan women and girls. Enter Michigan Women Forward (MWF), a brand on the move, shattering ceilings and paving futures.

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The new brand better positions Michigan Women Forward to attract donors and younger generations into promoting our mission of equality," said Peg Tallet, COO for Michigan Women Forward. "We have worked with the Brogan team for more than five years and can honestly say they have provided sound and seasoned advice on virtually every aspect of MWF's marketing and communications.