Nearly 30% of North Carolinians support outlawing tobacco entirely.

Brogan & Partners 05/16/07 - 12:00 am

Brogan & Partners Survey Shows Mixed Results on Attitudes Toward Tobacco Overall

[Raleigh, NC] – Nearly 30% of North Carolinians would support a total ban on all tobacco products, according to survey results released today by Brogan & Partners, a Raleigh marketing firm that conducts the statewide Brogan Survey. The 600-person telephone poll also showed that 64% of North Carolinians support a ban on smoking in all indoor public places, and 61% support a ban in all bars and restaurants.

Other questions in the survey, however, suggest that North Carolinians don’t consider smoking to be the state’s greatest threat to public health. When asked, respondents placed smoking last out of four choices – behind drug abuse (38%), obesity (30.8%) and alcohol abuse (18.1%). Smoking was chosen first by 11.7% of respondents.

“North Carolinians surveyed seem to consider smoking more a nuisance than an imminent health threat,” said Jim Tobin, partner at Brogan & Partners. “What’s most interesting is the number of people who would support outlawing tobacco completely, particularly since our state has such a rich tobacco heritage. That may reflect the influx of new residents who weren’t raised in the tobacco belt.”

Other interesting tidbits from the survey:

  • Females were far more adamant in their support of a smoking ban in indoor public places (71.4%) than males (57.1%), and in support of a ban in bars and restaurants, (69% for females to 53.8% for males). Females (34.1%) were also far more likely to support a complete ban on tobacco than males (22.7%).
  • Support for a ban on tobacco was strongest in the Western region of the state (32.6% support or strongly support) and the Piedmont/Triad (31%).
  • The youngest age group, 18-24, ranked obesity (40.4%) as the greatest health threat, drug abuse second (29.8%). North Carolinians over age 65 overwhelmingly (46.9%) chose drug abuse as the greatest threat.
  • Although both Caucasians and African-Americans ranked drug abuse first, African-Americans were more likely to rank it first (46.7% to 35.4%).

The Brogan Survey is a 600-sample, random digit dial North Carolina general population survey, stratified by geography, ethnicity and gender. The live telephone survey was conducted from May 3-7, 2007 and has margin of error of +/- 4.0% with a confidence level of 95%. Questions in The Brogan Survey were not commissioned by any candidate, organization or company. The survey was conducted by Brogan & Partners research affiliate The Glengariff Group, Inc., of Chicago.

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