Michiganders hand out tough grades to state’s leaders, Brogan survey says.

Brogan & Partners 05/29/07 - 12:00 am

Elected Officials Lowest at D+, Civic Group Leaders Highest at B-

[Birmingham, MI] – Michiganders feel that no group of leaders in the state deserves a grade above a B-, and most are scoring at a C or lower, according to survey results released today by Brogan & Partners, a Birmingham-based marketing firm that conducts the statewide Brogan Survey.

The 600-person telephone poll asked adults statewide to grade groups of leaders based on how well they are “currently serving the State of Michigan.” The choices were aligned like a report card: A, B, C, D or F. The report card results are:

  • Civic group leaders B-
  • Business leaders C
  • Education leaders C
  • Union leaders C-
  • Elected leaders D+

When asked which of the groups above had offered “the most creative ideas to help turn Michigan’s economy around,” respondents ranked business leaders first 27.0% of the time. Union leaders were least frequently cited, at 8.2%

When asked which of the groups “has been the biggest obstacle in helping to turn Michigan’s economy around,” respondents chose elected leaders most often, 56.3% of the time. Civic group leaders were least often cited, at 4.3%.

Finally, when asked which “one group is the most important in helping to turn Michigan’s economy around,” elected leaders were again chosen most frequently, at 46.0%. Civic group leaders were least often cited, at 3.0%.

“There’s been a fair amount of back and forth in Lansing as our elected officials have grappled with the budget deficit and the economy,” said Marcie Brogan, chief executive officer at Brogan & Partners. “Michiganders seem to be saying they’d like to see a clear path to move forward, they want our elected leaders to show it to them, and they’re not happy that we don’t have it. At the same time, we were very careful in crafting the question to ask only about categories of leaders, so this isn’t about any person, party, or particular government body.”

The Brogan Survey is a 600-sample, random digit dial Michigan general population survey, stratified by geography, ethnicity and gender. The live telephone survey was conducted from May 18-22, 2007 and has margin of error of +/- 4.0% with a confidence level of 95%. Questions in The Brogan Survey were not commissioned by any candidate, organization or company. The survey was conducted by Brogan & Partners research affiliate The Glengariff Group, Inc., of Chicago.

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