Local ad exec featured on cover of Layers Magazine.

Brogan & Partners 10/07/08 - 12:00 am

[Birmingham, MI] – Five-year-old Nathan Ryan of Dearborn is convinced that his father David is a superhero, and he now has proof. At least he looks that way on this month’s cover of Layers magazine. Ryan looks much like an action figure in a comic book, posing for a photo taken by commercial photographer Chris Clor at Clor Images in Rochester.

Ryan, 45, is a Partner and Associate Creative Director at Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing in Birmingham, where he has specialized in web design, brochure design and art direction since 1994. According to Ryan, Clor approached him about modeling for a project he was working on, saying Ryan had the perfect look for the action figure-type he was looking for.

“I think Chris’ photographs are phenomenal in their style and originality, and he can instantly turn his imagination into a visual reality,” said Ryan. “I never thought I’d end up on a magazine cover, but if my son thinks it’s cool, then it’s alright by me.”

Clor Images’ Chris Clor has more than 25 years of experience working as a commercial photographer. His photographic expertise, innate lighting ability and sense of design, coupled with extensive computer imaging skills provide his clients with the tools necessary to solve any problem either in studio or on location. For more information visit http://www.clorimages.com.

Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing, established in 1984, specializes in advertising, PRIZM®-based media, public relations, digital and diversity marketing. The firm has offices in Metro Detroit and Raleigh, service offices in Washington D.C. and Florida and an affiliate in Chicago.


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