Ignite Social Media opens Midwest office.

Brogan & Partners 04/27/09 - 12:00 am

[Birmingham, MI] – Ignite Social Media, headquartered in Cary, N.C., is opening a Midwest branch in Michigan, it was announced today by founders Jim Tobin and Marcie Brogan. The new Ignite office will be managed by Ellyn Davidson, and housed in Birmingham’s historic Peabody Mansion, which is also home to Brogan & Partners Convergence Marketing. The two companies are separate businesses who often collaborate on client projects.

Ignite Social Media, now in its second year, helps corporations use social media tools, sites and applications to increase their connection with customers and prospects and to increase marketing benefits. Tactics include social network engagement; search engine optimization; social network creation; profile creation and management on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter; podcast creation; blog design and editorial; online video creation and distribution; widget consulting and development and more.

“At Ignite, we offer clients a roadmap for engaging their audiences in two-way meaningful and manageable dialogue and then we help them move down the road,” said Ellyn Davidson. “This gives clients the advantage of hearing back from their most valued target audiences and engaging customers.”

According to Davidson, Ignite Social Media was created because social media, while maturing quickly for individual use, is still in the early stages for corporate use and brand building. Ignite Social Media takes a holistic approach to using social media tactics, techniques, networks and tools for corporate marketing. More information about Ignite can be found at www.ignitesocialmedia.com.

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