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Online patient portals: Why aren't patients using them?

A recent report from researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health revealed that 63% of patients surveyed were not using online patient portals. These portals—secure websites that allow patients to access health information and communicate with their...Read more

What marketers can expect in 2019: Technology.

A slew of new technologies continued to hit the market in 2018, which has become more the rule than the exception in recent years. For marketers, the real shift is not so much with the technologies themselves, but with consumers'...Read more

How machine learning is changing the rules of marketing.

"Machine learning" may not be a term you've heard before. But if your first impulse is to ask Alexa what it is, you're already using one application of it. Machine learning is the practice of getting computers to learn autonomously,...Read more

What marketers can expect in 2019: Money & Spending.

Learning America's mindset on money and spending is critical for planning a 2019 marketing strategy, especially for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. First, let's talk about 2018: The Good News: Americans are working. In September, unemployment hit 3.7%,...Read more

Productivity: The psychology and strategy behind getting more done.

We all know the feeling: you get to the end of the day and realize you've accomplished about half of what you were planning to do. Or less. Maybe you procrastinated, or maybe you just couldn't focus. No matter what...Read more

Brogan & Partners, chosen as first ad agency to test "AdBot" automated marketing tool, will scale back to a 2-day work week.

Marketing and advertising have become increasingly automated over the past ten years, especially in the digital space. You can find any number of companies and software programs that will help you implement elaborate email campaigns, for example, or place programmatic...Read more

Marketing madness by the numbers.

Sorry, we can't help you out with your NCAA basketball bracket - you'll have to guess those stats for yourself. But we do have some data on who's spending the big bucks on marketing for the tournament. The NCAA Basketball...Read more

Giving Birth to New Ideas: Some tips for creative conception.

Pretty much everyone who works in a creative field has gotten the question, "How do you come up with your ideas?" And a lot of times, our only answer is a shrug: "Beats me!" It's true that the creative process...Read more

Incentives for health: When it literally pays to get well.

Employers want their workers to be healthier — they're more productive that way. Workers want to be healthy, too. But in the short term, when the donuts are calling and the treadmill is not, we all need a little bribe...Read more

Money in 2018: The economy's up, but we're not buying it.

If we were to sum up in one word the way people are feeling about money going into the new year, that word would be "nervous." The current administration came into office vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which...Read more


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